Yoga has a lot of varieties and each one presents something unique. Yoga is a journey, not only physically but also in terms of centering yourself and finding a peace that is unique to you. We have had the opportunity to talk with numerous yoga practitioners and their unique teaching and expression of yoga. Not only did we get to learn a lot during these conversations we also had the chance to partake in a hot yoga session, Joel still thinks he is recovering.

Ep. 18: Mandy Roush-Root Down Yoga

Mandy started Root Down Yoga in La Crosse starting from a past time she really enjoyed, yoga.  Years later it has turned into a local staple in the La Crosse community and help plenty of people improve their health, their bodies and their minds.  She tells us about her story in getting it started and how it has evolved over the years.

We also had the fortunate chance to participate in one of the classes prior to this article (hence Joel sweating so bad) and it was a great experience and one we want to get back into it again.  Check out this great discussion on yoga and community.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 33: Kat Soper-Palm + Pine

Kat Soper does a little bit of everything when it comes mindfulness and wellness.  Kat is a yoga instructor but adds so much more to what she does than just yoga.  Kat started Palm + Pine (Free Spirit.  Midwest Roots) and not only offers yoga but they put on full retreats for people to get away, unplug and generally spend some time with their mind.

Kat talks about everything that goes into Pam + Pine, how she uses yoga and also how yoga has benefited her life.  She has some fantastic insight on things you can do to be mindful and help keep your wellness high.  This is a great look into yoga and some of the things it can add to your life.  Check it out.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 52: Kat Soper-Palm + Pine Evolution

Kat Soper is the owner and operator of Palm + Pine Yoga.  Last time we talked to Kat she was working on developing retreats to work on mindfulness and self.  Since that time Kat has opened up her own Palm + Pine location and is work on a potential second one.  Along with the new studio and increasing the offerings of Palm + Pine Kat has been working with a great group of people on developing a yoga training curriculum due out later this year.

And if that didn't see like enough to keep her going in the middle of all of this Kat had a new addition to the family.  It was a great time catching up with Kat and discussing what she has learned in the process of all these changes in her life and how that has helped her grow and advance in not only her practice but career and life as well.

-CP Crew