Weight Loss 101

Are you ready to shed fat, drops pounds and get the body you always dreamed of?  


Wait, wait.....I've been corrected...those types of weight loss programs haven't worked for you?  A diet/cleanse on pure 'nutrition' shakes and vitamins wasn't sustainable in the long wrong?

In all seriousness we understand the problem of trying to "diet" and why it has become a four letter word and extremely frustrating in the world of nutrition.  We don't want to offer you a quick fix, we don't believe in them.  We believe in things that work and are backed by science and that is where we start here with Weight Loss 101.

In this course Andrew Jagim PhD breaks down how it all works.  You will learn about metabolism and how to balance it all out, to food options and where physical activity fits in.  Throughout these modules you will be able to better understand the basics of nutrition and how to apply them to your life.  We don't expect you to get results immediately but we hope to help provide you with the tools to create a lifestyle that will lead to better health and nutrition for a lifetime. 

Check out the online course of Weight Loss 101 through Teachable by utilizing the button here: 

Course is $39.00 and accessible at any time and includes slides corresponding to each presentation.

It's time, stop the quick fixes, the cleanses and things that just don't work.  Learn and master the basics and create change for good.