Ep. 56: The Vagicians

We sat down with 'The Vagicians' Jill O'Brien (PT) of O'Brien Physical Therapy and Erica Boland (DC) of Coulee Health.  They both are in BirthFit Wisconsin and we talked about all things involving women's health and not just around pregnancy.  We discuss how they have teamed up to utilize each others skills when it comes to maximizing the results for the patient and getting them the best care and outcomes.

If you have any interest in women's health and caring for them all the time and encompassing the entire birth process you should look no further to get ideas of how you an be a part of that magical process.  Highly recommend checking it out for anyone as well, even if it scares you a little bit.



Show Notes:

www.birthfitwisconsin.com    www.obrienphysicaltherapy.net

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1:26-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:13-Welcome to this episode with the ‘Vagicians’ Jill O’brien PT & Erica Boland DC (jumping right in)


3:04-Please meet Jill O’Brien PT, specialty-pelvic health physical therapy


5:05-How Jill and Erica first met, at a pelvic journal club (yes, that exists).


7:15-The combination of skill sets and how that provides the most benefit for the patient.


8:55-When talking about the female population, when do you see the most problems with the pelvic floor?


12:30-Finding out that incontinence can start from a really young age.


13:15-What can people do in a preventative manner when it comes to these issues?

    -Working on breath and presence with the functional progressions

    -Letting people know that the issues you are dealing with aren’t normal.


16:50-Looking at hip and core weakness issues as a sign for potential pelvic floor issues.


18:50-Looking at a collection of experts that become your ‘Birth Team’.  


21:30-How can a patient tell if they have weakness if they are ‘hypotonic’ vs. ‘hypertonic’?


24:51-Kegel exercises...where do we stand on them?  Good? Bad? Otherwise? (Pelvic floor muscle contraction)


28:55- #removethebox


29:56-Kyle trying to make jokes…..tight ass.


30:15-The ‘knife edge’ exercise.


33:00-What would the ‘Vagicians’ see as standards that are needed for women’s health?


36:40-For PTs, if they aren’t doing internal work they probably aren’t fully trained in pelvic health.


39:00-Check out the BirthFit professional referral page HERE.


41:00-Teaming up as a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor and checking egos at the door and putting the patients care at the front of all discussions.


43:20-How does pelvic floor health play into males as well?


46:45-Joel as an open book, yep, can’t argue that.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

47:50-In the world of pelvic health, what is something simple that people could do that would reduce the complication?


    -Self exploration

    -Schedule an appointment with Jill and Erica


48:40-Books or resources for people.

    -Come as You Are

    -Women Code


NOTE: The ins and out of sex has already happened but if you have any interest please reach out to Jill and Erica through BirthFit Wisconsin


54:00-And then it got late and maybe a little weird.


54:45-Most influential purchase for under $100?

    -Specific to you sex toy ($15 billion industry)

        -Sorry...no link.

        Do check out ‘A Woman’s Touch


58:27-Where can people find you?


    Instagram: @obrienphysicaltherapy


    Instagram: @birthfitwisconsin

    Instagram: @couleehealth

    Instagram: @emomdc

    Instagram: @birthfitprofessional


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