Ep. 27: Jordan Rudolph-Unity Fitness

Unity Fitness is a La Crosse, WI based gym but their ideas and processes can extend to everyone.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with founder and head coach Jordan Rudolph to talk not only about Unity Fitness and the success they have had building a wholistic program of their members but the world of health and fitness as a whole.

Jordan is constantly on the go and striving to improve not only the gym and the members experience but himself and what he can deliver.  There is so much good information in this episode it was hard to stop it and we can wait for the second round.  Enjoy this episode and be sure to take something out of it.


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Show Notes:

0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this Episode of Clinically Pressed ft. Jordan Rudolph of Unity Fitness


0:50-The Unity Fitness backstory….GO!!!


1:30-Starting off as a personal trainer and working as an independent contractor.


2:47-In a group of independent contractor and trainers you can get so many opinions.


3:50-The start of Unity Fitness, online.  And ruffling a few feathers along the way.


5:45-Online mentors with Alan & Rachel Cosgrove and Dean Sommerset and potentially going out to California.


6:25-The start of construction (demolition) and the physical location for Unity Fitness and that smell….


8:20-Probably the worst part of starting the business, getting rid of that smell.


9:11-What Unity stands for. More than just exercise. It’s “us”.


11:10-What sets Unity Fitness apart.


13:00-The process when coming to Unity Fitness.


14:40-Combining with Dynamic Physiotherapy.


15:50-Utilizing movement screening (FMS) and how it works into the program.


18:10-How has it worked to get buy in from your gym members?


20:02-How the programming works at Unity Fitness and what is the most popular?


24:12-All training is done in groups or in classes.


27:50-Favorite class at UF?  Sweat (for good reason)


30:55-How does nutrition work?  Integrating Precision Nutrition and personal coaching for nutrition.


35:34-Focusing on habits when it comes to nutrition and not just making significant changes that are hard to maintain.


36:03-Undereating just as bad as overeating?


37:05-Mommy Syndrome?


39:40-Fitting things to the member and not the member to things.


40:37-Joel’s observation of ‘bad’ personal training and how it can be dangerous.


42:39-Do your research when you are looking for help.  “The industry is in a great state of growth but not in education.”


46:00-Virtual reality e-stim? Is it the next wave?  We all get to relive the story of AJ getting treated by the ARP Wave by Dan at Axon Sports Performance.


47:52-Barbell Shrugged and running an e-stim machine from your phone for recovery.  Looking into use of the Marc Pro (get 5% off using code “TAT”).


The Clinically Pressed Questions


48:59-Joel orders a salad...and the world appeared to stop.


49:45-What is something you believe that others might not?

    -Always be listening and having an open mindset.

    -Mastermind (networking but without the stigma)

    BOOK: Napoleon HIll-Think and Grow Rich


52:09-Book Recommendations

    Start with Why-Simon Sinek

    The One Thing-Gary Keller

    How to Win Friends and Influence People-Deal Carnegie

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People-Steven Covey

    Tribes-Seth Godin

    Tribe-Sebastian Junger

    Beyond Discipline-Alfie Kohn

    Mike Boyle’s-Functional Training For Sports

    Brad Schoenfield-Hypertrophy


57:03-Fitness Purchase for under $100

    Foam Roller

    -Rove Roller

    -TP Trigger Point Roller

    -Rumble Roller

    -Standard Foam Roller


58:30-If you could go back 10ish years what would you tell yourself?

    Mastermind more.  Take advantage of opportunities.


1.02:47-When is Unity Fitness moving to the north side?


1.04:58-Where can people find you.  Lots of user names, check out the links.

    FB: facebook.com/UnityFitnessLaCrosse

    TWITTER: @unityfitnesspro

    IG: @unityfitnesslax

    Website: unityfitnesspro.com


Check out the Unity Fitness weekly newsletter at their webpage.

1.08.28-Let the Credits Roll & Kyle on the outro.

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