Ep. 42: Tori Dyson-Training to be the Best in the World

We got to stand up and have a great conversation with Tori Dyson.  Tori is a CrossFit athlete that is training out of CrossFit New England.  If you're new to CrossFit (as we are/were) then you should know CrossFit New England is one of the top boxes in the country.  They have some of the best and fittest athletes in the country and Tori is no exception.

Starting out as a life long gymnast that found her way into CrossFit early in college and she hasn't turned back.  She has competed at the highest levels of team competition and now is making the jump to individual and already showing signs of being a force to recon with.  We had a great time hearing about the levels that it takes to achieve the goals she has set.  Great episode and we learned a ton.  Check it out.



Show Notes:

0:00-Episode introduction and check out Paragon Nutrition for some of the most effective and well done supplements on the market.  Use code “CP15” for 15% off at checkout.  Also check us out and “SUBSCRIBE” on YouTube to get alerts when new videos are posted.


1:41-A discussion on community and what makes CrossFit so unique in so many way.


2:48-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


3:24-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed featuring Tori Dyson. Location: Paul Scheckleman’ s garage gym.


3:44-Training at CrossFit New England with Katrin Davidsdottir


4:20-Thanks Paul Y. for the homebrew.


5:02-A discussion on failure and how that helps develop you as an athlete and person.


7:16-What have you learned training with Kartin?


7:45-Focusing on ‘belly breath’ instead of shoulder and chest breath.


8:53-What does a training session look like?


10:30-The power of mindset and how it affects training.


12:10-Paleo Power Meals as a food sponsor and something to make life easier.


12:40-Working with Ben Bergeron and Harry Palley as a coach.


14:45-What were some of the bigger weaknesses that you have had to overcome in CrossFit?


16:30-How do you program and work around your weaknesses in competition?


19:20-Being a gymnast and a very good one what are common mistakes you see within people getting into gymnastics?


22:40-Have you been injured throughout your career and how have you dealt with that?


23:37-Shout out to Paragon Nutrition.


25:20-What does a typical day in your diet look like and what else do you do for enhanced recovery?


27:45-Another side track….this time on caffeine.


28:20-What is it going to take to get into the Games?


30:00-The importance of actually recovering and letting your body adapt.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


32:22-What is something you believe in that others may not?

    -”How you do anything is how you do everything.”


33:50-Book Recommendations.

    -Champion’s Mind-Jim Afremow

    -Chasing Excellence-Ben Burgeron

    -Mindset-Carol Dweck


35:32-Most influential purchase for under $100.

    -Jump Rope: RPM Rope

    -Gymnastics Grips: Trainers


38:07-What information would you tell yourself it you were to go back 5 years?



40:02-In your world of expertise how do you make something that is complicated, simple?

    -Just work at it and there is no short cuts.


Where can people find you?

    Instagram: toridysonnn

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