Ep. 17: TJ Hackler-Professional ART

TJ is a chiropractor in the Kansas City area and has done the full spectrum when it comes to being an athlete and now treating athletes. He was a DI college high jumper and has worked with Kansas Track & Field and now currently has worked with the Kansas City Chiefs (well for the last 7-8 years).

TJ got introduced to chiropractic and Active Release Technique (ART) as a student athlete and now is instructing courses through the group.  He is a wealth of knowledge and and has worked with some of the best athletes in the world.  Check out everything he has to say in this episode.

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Show Notes:


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:38-The second stop on our trip to Kansas City


1:04-A little background on TJ


1:42-TJ Jumping 7’ 1” in college


2:20-How did TJ get started with Active Release Techniques (ART)?


4:17-How is is working with the Kansas City Chiefs?  Are they all in?


5:48-Michael Leahy DC-the founder of ART


6:34-How do the injuries vary when working with college track athletes and professional football players?


7:40-The biggest guy TJ has ever treated.  Former Kansas Track Athlete: Mason Finley

    Note: Mason competed this past summer at the 2016 Rio Olympics for the USA


9:40-Breaking down how he treats both the professionals and his in-clinic patients


11:30-Deciding he wanted to be an expert at ART and adjusting and not venture into a huge array of treatment techniques.


13:55-How is it being an ART Instructors?


16:30-Don’t get too caught up in the details.  Know them but don’t drown in technicality.


17:48-How many treatments does it take to typically work through these issues?


19:21-What issues typically benefit from ART treatment?


21:53-The ART meniscus relocation


24:25-Another part of our trip and our interview with Corey Campbell and Motion Palpation Institute


25:16-Discussing ART Courses and how he is going to take ‘Complex Protocols’


27:36-Who mainly takes ART Seminars?


29:52-Traveling with the Chiefs and the coolest stadium he has been to?  (Spoiler: Lambeau Field)


31:38-Who is the best athlete you’ve treated?


32:53-Who is usually in the worst shape and beat up on the football team?


The Clinically Pressed Questions

34:05-Something that you believe that others may not?

    -Aliens: Just how could there not be.

    -AJ feels vindicated


35:30-Influential purchase you have got that was $100 or less?

    -A gym membership with good people working there.


36:42-Top 3 take home tips.

  1. Keep your mobility

  2. Eat healthy.  Find what works for you.

  3. Find people that know what they are talking about. And listen to Clinically Pressed


37:50-Top Books (audio books in this case)

    -Becoming A Supple Leopard


38:44-If you could go back and tell yourself something 10-15 years ago, what would it be?

    -Go the path you’re planning on.


40:10-Where can people find you.?

    -KC Sports Docs

    -ART Provider Network


40:41-Let the Credits Role


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