Athletic Trainers are crucial to the health and safety of the patients they serve. They must also be outfitted with the right equipment in order to provide that care. Not all ATs are allowed the budget to get these basic necessities and due to that we are launching the ‘Throw a Lifeline-Emergency Ready Program’. This program allows ATs that don’t have the budgets to get these basic emergency related items to apply to get one as we fund them (you can also nominate people). 


These packages are going to be funded by the AT community, as we support each other to bring our colleagues the resources they need. There are many ways to support, please check them all out below but you can start by checking out Athletic Training Chat. 


We hope to get these rolling out as often as we can get people to help support them. We thank you all for your support of ATChat and we hope to pass that on to more people. 


GOAL: $200.00

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