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Ep. 8-Round Table Discussion-Supplements

In this second Round Table Discussion we cover a very large and often controversial topic.  Supplements.  There are almost countless options out there for what brand you can take and what you can take it for (as you can see from our display).  Here we try and break down what we find to be the best options for the best results without throwing money away in the process.  Please contact us with any questions.

-CP Crew



Show Notes:


*If you are interested in ordering the brand of supplements Dr. Kyle recommends check them out at www.nutri-dym.com, account number 282605


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:38-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed.  This is our Round Table on Supplementation


1:07-Just a small example of the supplement options out there.


1:27-What is a supplement in regards to the bigger picture.


1:36-Weight Loss 101


1:48-Article: 'The Story with Supplementation'


1:55-Whole foods as the best option.


2:48-Vitamin D in the north and how supplements factor in with our current healthcare.


3:58-How do you know if you should be taking supplements?


5:40-Fill your gaps in nutrition before you start looking at performance related supplements.


6:19-Multi’s essential with kids and adults due to not always getting enough fruits and veggies.




-Multi Vitamin

-Fish Oil

-Vitamin D



9:20-Do digestive enzymes work? If so, how?


10:34-Prebiotic vs. Probiotic. What’s the difference and how do they work?


12:13-Prebiotic rich food examples.




-Deflame.com & Anabolic Labs

-Phyto-Multi Vitamin

-Fish Oil

-Vitamin D3

-Magnesium glycinate

-Glucosamine chondroitin

-Co Q-10 (especially with statins)


14:00-Inflammation, food and pain.  There is more correlation than you think.


14:53-Vitamin D shots and being Vitamin D2 not D3 and high dosing endurance athletes.


15:50-Vitamin D deficiency and low back pain.


16:20-Fat soluble vitamins: stored in the fat vs. water soluble: moving through your body daily.


17:19-Link: The Vitamin D Council




-Vitamin C

-Fruit & Greens Powder



19:20-Joe Rogan Experience: Dr. Mark Gordon.  Head trauma and hormone deficiency. And how to use glutathione for prevention and/or treatment of hangovers.


21:57-Are the RDAs to low?


24:12-Moving on to athletes.  


25:00-To start out we reference what you need in your general health life.  Start there.


25:24-Performance Enhancing type supplements.


25:42-Disclaimer: none of the supplements we are talking about are illegal and we do not endorse anything that is too close to the fringe.


25:52-Protein: it is most often not consumed enough either in full food sources or in supplementation form.



For general population?

-Most of the research out there is aimed at this currently.  This list of what it can help is impressive.

Article: How should you take your Creatine?


28:31-What is the stigma(s) with creatine and is it justified?


30:00-Caffeine: both endurance and strength & power athletes.


30:33-Beta Alanine: what exactly does it do and how is it helpful?  Can it help the ‘burn’?


32:20-Shout out to Paul Schecklman for beta-alanine.


32:45-Preworkouts vs. individual ingredients.


33:24-Open labels and the death (although slowly) of the “proprietary blend”.


35:01-Preworkout: Pre-Jym and UWL research behind it.


35:40-Preworkout: Carbon by Layne Norton.  Stimulant free.


36:30-Beet juice & tart cherry juice


38:15-If you are on whey protein most likely you are getting enough BCAAs and don’t need to supplement it in other ways.


38:50-How do you protect yourself.


39:50-General Rule: You get what you pay for when it comes to supplements.


40:05-Bigger Faster Stronger and making your own supplement in a morning.


41:15-GMP Approval: the production plant is clear and has good production.


41:30-Informed Choice: making sure no banned substances found in supplement


42:00-Consumer Labs: breaking down what is the best supplements and all the quality control testing.


43:54- “The most expensive supplement you buy is the supplement that doesn’t work.”


44:15-Aegis Shield: check any supplement to see if it contains what it claims to contain.  Select based on what rules you need to follow.  Worth the purchase.


47:03-If we could go back 10 years in our own supplement use and teach ourselves something, what would it be?


AJ: He would yell at himself first.  Supplements should be secondary and how you are training should be your first priority.


Kyle: Diet should be your most important thing.  Supplements do not replace your diet.


Joel: Don’t get taken by the flashy ads in muscle mags. Don’t ‘piss’ away your money.

Go and ask questions and find the right resources.


51:25-Beware in supplement stores and that there is a solution for everything via a supplement.


52:10-Please ask us questions if you have any.  We really would like to help with this. Clinically Pressed Contact


52:35-Resource Links