Supplements are a huge part of the helath and fitness world. In this highly unregulated industry there are just as many questions as there are answers. This grouping of podcasts is focused and sharing the best possible information we can when it comes to supplements and doing it as much as possible with limited bias and no back end in trying to sell you something. Before you start taking anything, ask questions,  get informed and take care of yourself.

Ep. 8: Round Table Discussion-Supplements

In this second Round table Discussion we cover a very large and often controversial topic. Supplements. There are almost countless options out there for what brand you can take and what you can take if for (as you can see from our display). Here we try and break down what we find to be the best options for the best results without throwing money away in the process. Please contact us with any questions.


-CP Crew

Ep. 44: Paragon Nutrition-The Pauls

We got a chance to sit down with Paul Scheckleman and Paul Yanzer (aka The Pauls) and really dive into what they are doing with Paragon Fitness and Nutrition. Their back story is incredible and their reasons for starting Paragon are amazing. We dive deep into that story adn we also go deep into some of the science behind their products and why they chose to produce what they have. 

We truly believe what they do is as pure as it gets when it comes to the supplement industry. Not only their reasons behind wanting to help people but also the attention to detail in the whole process of creating their products. Great episode.


-CP Crew