Ep. 53: Greg Nuckols-Stronger By Science

We got to sit down and talk with Greg Nuckols.  Greg is the found and huge contributor to 'Stronger by Science'.  This is a blog and email newsletter that breaks down the science that is out there when it comes to strength training.  Greg is in the middle of his Master's degree to continue to increase his knowledge of how research works and how to best utilize it to get the results we are looking for.

We talk about how it is hard to fully understand research and even when you think that you do understand it there is no promise that how the statistics were run that what you are going in the conclusion is correct.  Greg talks bout a lot of the ways to get around these pitfalls and what he and his team are trying to do in order to help set a better standard when it comes to the science of getting strong and performing well.  Great episode if you're into the research.



Show Notes:

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1:42-Introduction of the CP Crew and Greg Nuckols (not only one of the strongest on the call but also the best beard)


4:10-How has it been going back into the formal education process after setting up such a strong base of knowledge prior to getting into the program?


5:55-Finding the value and balance between classroom work and lab research.


7:18-How do you base someone credentials and if they have a ‘deep understanding’ of the information they are trying to push out to you?


8:10-Which route would you recommend to people going through education?  Field application first or continue in the classroom?


9:40-Practical experience enriching the educational process.


12:05-Biggest lesson or thing that you’ve learned from becoming a researcher in the lab?


15:00-Thoughts on a P.hD?


16:50-Greg’s thesis.  Women, weight training, menstrual cycle and how it all effects training and recovery.


19:00-General use of birth control in female athletes both in and out of college.


20:40-What would be your best advice for someone who is getting into research?

    -Get comfortable with statistics.


22:30-Best resource to get better at statistics?

    -Read a stats book

.   -BOOK: How to Lie with Statistics

    -Website: Data-colada


24:40-Big, basic errors in statistics.

    -ANOVA and one group vs. the other without interactions.

    -Effect sizes: just because one is bigger that means it betters.  


29:08-My biggest complaint about humans is they aren’t numbers...a trivial matter of course.


32:35-How have things been with working with this generation and a new set of standards in getting in touch with people?


36:53-Kids these days and showing up in a weightlifting activities class.


39:13-Plans for after school plus big things in the works. Plus a super top secret plan…


40:28-What would AJ’s advice be to Greg to help get through the thesis process?

    -Be organized on the front end.

    -Choose your committee wisely.


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44:48-Have you heard of “P-Curves”?


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