Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning and sports performance are one of the cornerstones of reaching the highest performance you can. This area and its practices allow to build a better and more robust athlete that then is able to be taken into a sport practice to add the skills and sport specific training that helps make someone a success. Fantastic insight from a lot of people in this group of episodes.

Ep. 2: Andy Askow-Powerlifter

This is Episode 2 of Clinically Pressed and our first interview and we are very excited about it.  Today we have Andy Askow who is a UWL undergrad student, a world record and world champion powerlifter.  We talk to him all about powerlifting and his journey to where he is currently and also where he is going in the future.  Great bits of information in this episode and also pretty entertaining.  Check out our 'Performance Insight' in the episode.



-CP Crew


Ep. 4: Kevin Schultz-Sports Performance

Kevin is a good friend of ours and actually one of the main people that brought us together.  Along with all that he is extremely knowledgable in all things related to performance.  He has a variety of experiences and certifications all over the place from performance to soft tissue work and nutrition.  He is always reading and the books are very interesting (we list them below) and is a great conversation regarding athletes and just general health.  We had a great time catching up and checking out his set up at UW-Madison.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew


Ep. 9: Dan Trautman-Madison Human Performance

Dan runs Madison Human Performance along with his girlfriend and her father (a chiropractor).  He describes it as a performance clinic and they work with post injury all the way through sports performance. 

Dan is a student of performance and incorporates some unique techniques into how he works with clients/patients.  He covers the major ones here and puts down some serious knowledge.  Enjoy the episode.


-CP Pod Squad


Ep. 10: Andy Askow & Cooper Wage-Do You Even Lift?

Andy and Cooper are two of the strongest people in the country, if not the world and they are right here in La Crosse Wisconsin.  Both are extremely successful in powerlifting but how they get there is very different and that is what we talk about in this episode.

Andy and Cooper talk training strategy, nutrition and how they do what they do.  It is fascinating hearing how dedicated they are to their sport and how much work it takes.  Check out part two soon with Andy when he returns from worlds.


-CP Pod Squad


Ep. 13: Andy Askow-2x World Champion

This is our follow up interview with Andy Askow who is now a 2 time (I said 2 time) World Champion.  We sit down at Greengrass Cafe over breakfast and talk about how the meet went, his thoughts on training and what he will do moving forward. 

We also discuss the NSCA convention that both Andy and AJ atteneded.  Also a new hot button topic is drug testing in sports and all the positives that are coming out in the recent past.  Check it out for some great information and some great out takes. 


-CP Pod Squad


Ep. 21: Coach John Baumann

Coach John Baumann is the strength and conditioning coach for track and field for a University you'll see in the episode.  Coach John has done a little bit of everything when it comes strength and conditioning and coaching Track & Field.  He has been able to surround himself with some of the biggest and smartest names in the industry.

JL had the opportunity to work with Coach John and learned so much from him and this was a great opportunity to catch up and learn some valuable insight.  This is a great episode and everyone can take something away and we were very fortunate to get this time with Coach John Baumann.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 35: Kaizen Strength

Jake and Nikki cover it all when it comes to strength & conditioning and they cover it from all sides.  Their focus is on training a lot of populations and adapting what they do to who they are working with.  They don't just focus on the physical.  They take into account the mental, emotional and social aspects of their athletes and making them improve everywhere in their life.

They also take performance uno the worlds of CrossFit through CrossFit UDX and beyond.  There is a lot of information on looking at different aspects of training and not just keeping it to the programs.  Great episode with a ton of insight and information.


-CP Pod Squad​


Ep. 38: Sean Gallagher-Performance

Sean has covered the full spectrum when it comes to athletic performance and health.  Sean was a very high level hockey player that also dabbled in strongman competition.  From there he attended chiropractic school where he learned and trained under some of the smartest people in the field.  He uses that combination of experience and skills to help his patients/clients today with the highest level of care and training possible.


In this episode Sean talks about his journey to running his own business and continuing to increase what he is doing to help his patients.  We talk basics of training to the highest levels of rehab and Sean has great insight into what can be most effective.  Check it out.

-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 53: Greg Nuckols-Stronger by Science

We got to sit down and talk with Greg Nuckols.  Greg is the found and huge contributor to 'Stronger by Science'.  This is a blog and email newsletter that breaks down the science that is out there when it comes to strength training.  Greg is in the middle of his Master's degree to continue to increase his knowledge of how research works and how to best utilize it to get the results we are looking for.

We talk about how it is hard to fully understand research and even when you think that you do understand it there is no promise that how the statistics were run that what you are going in the conclusion is correct.  Greg talks bout a lot of the ways to get around these pitfalls and what he and his team are trying to do in order to help set a better standard when it comes to the science of getting strong and performing well.  Great episode if you're into the research.

Ep. 75: Alex Friedman-Combat Sports Training

This episode features Alex Friedman, strength and conditioning coach and CP Ambassador. Alex is currently out in Colorado finishing up his masters degree. 


In this episode we focus on Alex’s background as a wrestler as well as how that is playing into his future plans as a strength and conditioning professional. In his journey Alex was able to spend time in Las Vegas doing an internship at the UFC Performance Institute. Alex fills us in on everything that they do there to help encourage the best training and care for any UFC Fighter that wants to train there. After hearing about it, it is unbelievably impressive as the focus is on well rounded training and health for the fighters.


We also discuss Alex’s work on his thesis around weight cutting and all the different factors that play into that aspect of combat sports. So much good information in this episode, please check it out and enjoy.