Performance and training is meant to be put into action in sports and competition. We have had the chance to meet some extremely high level performers, coaches and others directly tied to applying the tools and training. These guests give unique insight into what is needed to perform at the highest level.

Ep. 15: Coach Mike Schmidt-UWL Football

Coach Mike Schmidt is the new head football coach at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Not only is he a heck of a coach he is quite enteraining as well and will tell you exactly what he is thinking. 


We cover a lot in this episode including how everything has unfolded over the past coupld months as he has moved into his new role and how he has handled the transition.  We also cover what Coach Schmidt looks for when he is recruiting and how he evaluates talent.  All of this leads to trying to create the best performance possible on the field.  This episode is highly entertaining and we look forward to seeing how the UWL Football team performs in this upcoming season.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 29: Tom Farrell-Chariots of Farrell

Tom is a Nike running athlete who has competed on the highest levels of track and field, including world championships in China and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  Before all of that Tom was a student-athletes at Oklahoma State University where he was able to take his training to the next level and set him on the course he is on.

In this episode we talk all about his story coming up as a runner and how he ended up in Stillwater Oklahoma. Tom has always been very in touch with his training and always looking for what can help take him to the next level.  We talk treatment, rehab, nutrition, training styles and advice he would give up and coming runners.  If you are a runner in any capacity this is a great episode to check out.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 31: Coach Dave Malecek-Wrestling Life

Coach Malecek has run the entire spectrum when it comes to the wrestling life.  Coming out of Osage, IA Coach Malecek wrestled some of the highest level of high school wrestling in the country.  From there he went on the wrestle at Northern Iowa against some of the best in the country in the NCAA.

Coach Malecek has been coaching for many years since and the success has continued.  And on top of all of that he runs the largest team wrestling camp in the country.  We got to sit down with Coach and talk about everything from wrestling practice/training, recruiting, and how he has continued to live a healthy life and pass that on to everyone around him.  This is a great episode with a lot of information to apply to your life.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 59: Sean Gallagher-Hockey Training

Dr. Sean Gallagher is a former high level hockey player that has turned into a hockey training and treatment guru.  His experience of playing at the highest levels along with a full academic career in chiropractic school have brought him a unique perspective on how to approach training hockey players.

This episode we get further into hockey training and what all goes into it. The planning for the year of training is difficult when it the playing season never ends.  We also dive into the specific demands that the sport places on the body and the unique ways that you have to approach exercises without forgetting to focus on injury prevention and resilience.  If you play hockey at any level you want to listen to this episode.


Ep. 71: Sean Gallagher-DNS Hockey

Sean Gallagher is a chiropractor and sports performance coach. We've talked to him multiple times and for good reason, he has so much knowledge and application of treatment and training that it needs to be shared. In this episode we catch Dr. Gallagher on the back end of a trip to Europe where he was at a course focused around Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and its focus on hockey.

There are so many insights to take away from this one,  especially if you play or are involved with hockey, and even if you are not. Please check out and enjoy this episode with Sean Gallagher.