S  H  O  R  T  S

Here we have short installments on hot topics or things that we think need to be addressed but without the time of a full episode (or at least not yet).  Check them out for quick hitting information and ideas.


Kyle and Joel are on the long right to MKE for a course and talk about trying to be healthy with the little things that make a big difference.


Kyle gives us some quick insight on what tips and tricks he uses to keep eating healthy on the go when you have to constantly be on the run.  And it doesn't involve fast food.  

KB 'Why Podcasts'

While we run a podcast we thought it would make good sense for us to speak on why we enjoy podcasts, why we listen to them, and really why we made one.  Here are Kyle's insights.

WWAR: The Checklist Manifesto

There is a reason some of the most high stressed jobs in the world use checklists, people forget, people make mistakes, even if they shouldn't and have the experience.  This book goes deep into the science behind why you might want to use checklists to help be more efficient and accurate.

LINK: Checklist Manifesto

WWAR: The Marshmallow Test

Can how you make decisions as a child really predict how you do so as an adult.  A simple marshmallow test may tell you. 

LINK: Marshmallow Test

LINK: Mindset

LINK: Grit

VID: Controlling Decisions

Supplements, 'What the Health', Coconut Oil

There are lots of things out there now about coconut oil (good and bad).  'What the Health' has taken the world in some type of way and supplements always seem to be a pressing topic.  Here are our thoughts on them in this CP Short.

WWAR: Eat Fat, Get Thin

Could it be possible that you could eat more fat and actually lose weight and get healthier?  This book answers all those questions in so much detail.

LINK: Eat Fat, Get Thin

The War on Fat, Carbs and Diet in General

It seems there is a war on everything these days and fat and carbs and eating in general. Is it all justified in the end?  We take a look at what actually makes sense and what you can do about it in this CP Short.


WWAR: Every Day is Game Day

Learn from the best in the world and the processes they use to train the best. Great read for any level of experience in sports performance.

LINK: Every Day is Game Day


Art vs. Science, using evidence even if it contradicts itself.  What is the best way?  We talk about that in this rendition of CP Shorts.

Resting Athletes

Should rest be a good reason pros miss games? Does it make for better performance later in the season?  Maybe a longer career?  We talk about that topic in this Short.