Ep. 47: Running Recovery Tips

We had the distinct honor of teaming up with Coulee Health and O'Brien Physical Therapy to help out at the Grandad's Half Marathon in La Crosse, WI.  During our time providing post race soft tissue treatments we seemed to have a lot of reoccurring themes that we would talk about with all of the runners.  Well since we were there we figured why not create a short episode and lay down some ideas to help aide in recovery. 

Without getting to far into the details in this episode we do outline a lot of the 'simple' things we think you can implement into your recovery strategy to get ready for the next race or just get back and get ready for your next round of training.  Check them out and see what you can apply to your recovery strategy.



Show Notes:

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1:11-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:49-Welcome to this Episode live from Grandads Half Marathon


2:12-Welcome Jill O’Brien of ‘O’Brien Physical Therapy’ in West Salem, WI.


3:17-Combining a screen/running eval along with treatment to help out with issues you want to address.


3:22-Shout out to Alex Earl (Episode Link) of Active Health and Restoration, looking for a dry needling referral


5:05-Looking at how the downhill messes with your calves so much (we get the quads part).  Any insight from anyone would be appreciated.


6:06-Looking at running methods, trying out the Pose Method when Joel tried running.


7:40-Post recommendations: light foam rolling, lots of controlled stretching and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


8:32-Active recovery by getting out and walking around and moving for awhile post race.


9:30-TAT Article: Can a Beer Rehydrate You?


10:50-Clinically Pressed Episode: Michael Borst-Run Borst Run


11:55-TAT Article: Cold Immersion and HRV Recovery


13:45-Looking at body balance in terms of keeping your ‘core’ strong to help with the movement of the legs and the rest of your body.


14:40-IT band tightness and if it is a real thing.


16:20-Getting the intrinsic muscles of your feet to be ‘on’ and not just have the foot try working in one solid form.


19:20-Looking at ‘minimalist’ shoes and how to progressively work into that style of shoe.


21:00-Look for a future episode coming out with Jill O’Brien


21:20-Mobility Guides

    Upper Extremity

    Lower Extremity


21:36-We hope everyone had a great Cinco De Mayo

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