Ep. 18: Mandy Roush-Root Down Yoga

Mandy started Root Down Yoga in La Crosse starting from a past time she really enjoyed, yoga.  Years later it has turned into a local staple in the La Crosse community and help plenty of people improve their health, their bodies and their minds.  She tells us about her story in getting it started and how it has evolved over the years.

We also had the fortunate chance to participate in one of the classes prior to this article (hence Joel sweating so bad) and it was a great experience and one we want to get back into it again.  Check out this great discussion on yoga and community.

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Show Notes:


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:38-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed at Root Down Yoga and Mandy Roush.


1:05-All the sweating that occurred….a lot.


1:37-What is Mandy’s background with yoga and getting started about 10 years ago?


2:02-Power Vinyasa Yoga


2:25-Baron Baptiste and a trip to Mexico


3:47-Utilizing her house as the first Yoga Studio and running it for 2 years


5:42-Selling out the first night of Root Down Yoga


7:16-Everyone needs their third place or the “Cheers Effect”


7:50-Joel is still sweating, a lot, still


10:00-What is Mandy’s recommendation for getting into yoga?


11:35-Different type of yoga and her thoughts on it.  Reference back to Monkey Bar Gym.


15:13-Linking breathing up to the yoga poses and the difficulty that presents.


16:49-When teaching do you follow the same sequence each time or how do you determine that?


18:25-Working up and down the mountain during class.


19:00-If the student needs to be totally present, so does the teacher and it can’t be scripted.


21:23-What was training like for a week? (Yoga Alliance)


24:35-Having your own experience and knowledge base before you start teaching it.


26:34-Being humble in your learning and constantly growing.


28:06-Root Down Yoga ABC (Absolute Beginner Class)


29:30-Mandy’s transformation through yoga.


30:45-Common issues that you see when people are in yoga class?


33:21-Applying anatomical principles to Yoga class.


36:06-Tips from Mandy for Yoga


38:14-What might be the best way to practice yoga?


39:48-Yoga in the grass and the ‘earthing’ effect.


40:58-Documentary: Healing for Free


The Clinically Pressed Questions


41:59-Influential purchase for $100 or less?

    -30 day unlimited starter special at Root Down Yoga

    -And a closed cell foam Yoga Mat


43:38-What ask would you have of the listeners or 3 take home tips

  1. Sit still for 10 minutes a day, no matter where you are and close your eyes and count your breaths.

  2. Hug your loved ones daily and tell them why you’re grateful.

  3. Turn off devices by 8:00pm at night if you have trouble sleeping.


45:00-Blue light blockers (LINK)


45:11-Book Recommendations

    -”Untethered Soul


46:00-Something you might believe that others may not or think is crazy?

    -What if your dreams are the real world and ‘reality’ is just a dream?


47:18-If you could go back 10 years and tell yourself something what would it be?

    -You’re capable beyond measure and creating the life you want.  It’s all within you.


48:24-Where can people find you?

    -Website: Root Down Yoga Studio

    -Email: mandy@rootdownyogastudio.com

48:56-Joel finally stops sweating.


49:03-And let the credits roll.




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