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Rigid Taping Techniques for an Athletic Population

AC Joint Stability Strapping
Ankle Prevention & Injury Taping
Patella 'Tracking'
Tear Drop & Transverse Arch Support
Knee: MCL & LCL Support
Ankle Prevention: Thor & TapeWrap
Elbow Hyperextension (& Collateral Ligament Support)
Thumb Spica
Wrist Support w/ Modifications

This taping procedure uses Thor (R) from Mueller Sports Medicine along with Tape Wrap (R) to do a preventative ankle taping or to be used along with coming back from injury.  Utilizing these types of tape allows for some more stability and holds up better with hot and humid conditions compared to regular athletic tape.

Here we talk about and demonstrate taping an ankle and the different options that you can utilize to keep the ankle in a controlled position and help return from injury and also potentially prevent an injury from occurring.

We show two options that we combine together in this taping procedure to help support the arch and all the tissues surrounding it.  This can be a huge help in support for the arch or diagnostic to potentially look at something like orthotics. It can also aid in medial tibial stress syndrome (Shin Splints) but helping raise the arch and put less stress on those muscles.

We show a LCL ligament taping in this video that can be used when a brace might not be practical or just for specific comfort.  This same procedure can be applied to the medial side of the knee by changing the location of your support strips.

We show in this video a couple of options you could use to help with 'patella tracking' in movement.  While we show all three in this video we don't recommend using them like demonstrated but in how you see through your clinical reasoning.  Each pathology may call for slight modifications.

This procedure is meant to help stabilize the AC joint by adding some compression to help support the injured ligaments.  It might not fix everything but can be helpful in getting someone to return to activity.

We demonstrate in this video how to keep the elbow in a small degree of flexion in order to help prevent a hyperextension injury.  This same procedure can be apply to both the medial and lateral sides of the elbow to help support those ligaments by just adjusting the anchor and where the support is located.

We show a few different variations to help support the wrist staring out with the very basics of it and then working up to preventing a hyperextension motion to prevent injury.

We combine two thumb-taping procedures together in this video.  We start with a basic spica, which can be used to support the thumb and prevent it from being "bent backward" and support the UCL.  We then add an extra level of protection by utilizing the hand to help keep everything locked in and increase the base of support.

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Rigid tape can do wonders in the clinic by helping provide support to different joints to not only work back o full health but to also aid in prevention and performance.