Ep. 24: RTD-Maintaining Resolutions

New Years resolutions are some of the best part of the turn over of the year.  You get a chance to start fresh, set new goals and get on the right track.  But do you have to wait for a random day to have it be the new chance to be the new you?  What happens when you get moving down the months and those new year resolutions start fading away and no longer seem like they are attainable?  

These are a couple topics we cover in this episode and talk about different ideas to stay accountable as well as strategies to not lose the resolutions to begin with.  We hope this helps everyone put it all together and continue to improve in their own health and their resolutions.

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Show Notes:


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed, Roundtable Discussion edition.


0:48-Maybe not February, March is close.


1:15-Logan Gelbrich Post on Resolutions


1:48-Make it a lifestyle...and done.


2:06-Creating habits and how long it takes for the to occur (Tai Lopez).


2:55-How do you keep yourself accountable and maintain that habit?


3:45-Setting goals and having a plan to accomplish said goal.


4:41-Way of Life: App.  Holding yourself accountable.


7:20-Finding a fitness/activity tracker app that allows you to keep track and also compete with friends.


8:05-Owing friends money or giving to a cause that you do NOT want to give money too.


9:15-Why does it have to be a specific date that you waited for?  Why not today?


10:35-Complete overhauls are extremely hard.  Plan for these things, work your way into habits.


11:30-Anthony Robbins and your mindset.  Finding little wins in your day that eventually add up.


13:07-Don’t let a bad part of your day or your diet be the end of your day/week/month/ or year.


15:10-Finding what works best for you in your diet and how you maintain lifestyle decisions.


15:45-Flip it, what about ‘fear setting’?  Looking hard at what really could be the worst thing that could happen.


17:29-’Start With Why’.


20:12-80-90% of resolutions failed by the time February/March roll around.


21:00-Thoughts on ‘quick fixes’ vs. 6 weeks (or 42 days-math is hard) and where that can fit in.


23:11-Joel is asking metabolism questions for a ‘friend’.


24:33-Oregon Training and Hospitalization of Athletes.  You can’t just go all out all the time, it can be harmful to your health.


27:04-Look at the rationale around ‘quick fixes’.  Can they really apply to everyone?  And why are they so expensive and need you to keep replenishing?


29:33-Keep things simple and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.


31:13-AJ: “Don’t do a detox of cleanse” but be open to fasting and other alternatives.  Base it around whole foods.


32:55-”What gets measured gets accomplished”.


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33:58-Let the Credits Roll.  Find us anywhere you can find podcasts.

33:17-AJ on the closing



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