Ep. 63: Reiki Master-Shannon Amberg

On this episode we have Shannon Amberg PhD and Reiki Master. This is the first of two episodes with Shannon as we try and scratch the surface fo what Reiki is and how energy healing works. We get into asking a lot of questions as Joel is relatively skeptical (even when trying not to be) when it comes to the body and energy and someones ability to actually read that energy.

Shannon does a great job breaking down what it is all about and how it can benefit everyone in one way or another.  There are some extremely interesting connections and ideas that you can come away with when you really listen to the ideas behind energy and how it runs our worlds. Check it out.




Show Notes:




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1:38-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:14-Welcome to this episode with Shannon Amberg, Reiki Master.


3:50-How did an academic/professor get into energy work?


5:58-The initial offer that allowed Shannon to start with Reiki work and training.


7:05-Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps balance the physical body.


10:20-All humans have the ability to heal through touch and energy.


13:14-If you are wanting to be in balance with your energy you may need to work with it a couple times a month.


15:35-Shannon explaining what she experiences when she is working with a client and doing that energy work and the chakras.


18:17-Does a patient have to believe in Reiki in order for it to be effective?


24:30-Not everyone responds to Reiki and there is never a promise that it will fix everyone (just like anything else)


26:45-How did you discover or re-discover your ability to feel this energy?


31:15-Grounding mat and salt lamps


and taking care of negative ions.


36:00-What advice would you have for people looking for more understanding from the divine in their lives?


The Clinically Pressed Questions

40:21-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -We carry the wounds of the people that came before us.


44:02-What is the most influential purchase you would recommend to people for under $100?

    -Meditation cushion

    -Decks: tarot


45:35-In your area of expertise how do you take something that is complicated and make it simple?

    -The ‘magic trick’ (we will get a video of this at some point)

    -Quantum physics and how a physical body actually exists.


48:50-We will definitely have to do a round two.


49:26-Let the credits roll.


KB with the outro.

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