Ep. 55: Riverside Corporate Wellness

Riverside Corporate Wellness is based in La Crosse, WI and has set a standard when it comes to a comprehensive program to address the entire person.  We get into talking about how the program is set up and everything that RCW does.  From their in-house physician to all the 'alternative' therapies that are offered for people that might benefit them we cover them all.

They focus not only on the 'once you're sick' side of health but offer training and programs to help people get healthy before they have issues through traditional strength training, yoga and other options.  Pair that with an in-house dietitian to help you fine tune your nutrition and you don't have to go anywhere else.  Check out this episode for ideas to apply to work and life.



Show Notes:


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1:45-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:25-Welcome to this episode at Riverside Corporate Wellness with Michelle Pless, Health Educator and Michelle McLellan, Director of Corporate Fitness.


3:05-Shout out to AJ and educating young minds at RCW.


4:10-’Choose your direction.’  All encompassing approach to health and wellness.


5:30-The evolution of of RCW from its initial start with Logistics Health Institute (LHI).


7:55-The main service that corporate clients use is fitness, followed by alternative therapies and then health education.


10:30-What have you guys seen that has worked with creating consistency and compliance?

    -Fitness Center incentives.


17:12-The growth and expansion of RCW and remaining stable in the process.


19:00-At the current rate healthcare as we know it is going to struggle to maintain its potential bubble.


20:20-Nothing is cookie cutter within RCW, you have to find what the individual person needs.


22:30-What are the ‘alternative’ therapies that RCW offers?



    -Physical Therapy


    -Massage Therapy



27:00-Getting people where they need to be as quickly as possible and not having a long delay and letting all employees set up these appointments.


29:15-Focusing on each person’s fitness goals and developing a plan to accomplish those goals.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

31:00-What is something you believe in that others may not?

-Things take time and it is a journey (TAT Article: Getting Things Done...One Step at a Time).  It’s a Journey, not a Race.


33:35-Take home tips.

    -Fitness Triangle: Rest/Recovery/Sleep, Energy Intake, Energy Expenditure


34:45-Most influential fitness purchase of around $100?

    -You don’t need equipment, you can get started started with pretty much anything.

    -”Can you buy motivation?”  Coffee? We prefer ‘Caveman Coffee


36:17-Book Recommendations

    -BOOK: ’The Nature Fix’

-Joel goes hippity dippity and talks ‘earthing’ and ‘grounding’.  (LINK: Grounding Mat)


-Getting out to a city park and the grass as little as 5 hours a month can be extremely beneficial.


-BOOK: ‘The Easy Way to Quit Smoking


39:30-In your world of expertise, how would you take something that is complicated, simple?

    -Don’t assume everyone knows the basics and don’t hesitate to go back.

-At some point down the line everyone started off as a beginner and at some point you have to start.


41:00-Best place to find more information: www.riversidecorporatewellness.com

    Instagram: @rcwlax

    Twitter: @RCWLaCrosse

    Facebook: Riverside Corporate Wellness

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