Ep. 10: Andy Askow & Cooper Wage-Do You Even Lift?

Andy and Cooper are two of the strongest people in the country, if not the world and they are right here in La Crosse Wisconsin.  Both are extremely successful in powerlifting but how they get there is very different and that is what we talk about in this episode.

Andy and Cooper talk training strategy, nutrition and how they do what they do.  It is fascinating hearing how dedicated they are to their sport and how much work it takes.  Check out part two soon with Andy when he returns from worlds.


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Show Notes:


0:00-Introduction and another apology for camera failure….we will get good at this we promise.


0:35-Thank you to Iron Physique Gym


0:38-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:11-Welcome to Clinically Pressed and 5 guys just sweating….a lot


1:48-Andy Askow numbers and what he competes in.


2:12-Cooper Wage 970x3 squat


2:18-Cooper wage numbers and what he competes in


3:58-Andy’s training: high frequency and high volume and is it sustainable.


4:18-We turn down the fan even with the heat and Andy raining sweat along with Cooper


5:00-The “Askow Frequency Project”


6:28-RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion


7:37-Graston Technique


7:52-Cooper talks about Dr. Needling-Watch Cait Larson perform it on AJ HERE.


9:18-And Cooper does the same thing as Andy…AND CUT!  Just kidding.


9:22-Cooper discusses his more structured training


11:39-Running both a “raw” progression and a “geared” progression


13:28-Cooper, did you lose a lot of strength when playing football at UWL?


15:45-Cooper discusses hypertrophy phase and auxiliary lifts.


19:52-How close is the equipment you train with vs. the competition equipment?


21:50-Do you try and figure out for weight differences in the weights you train with (and not being calibrated) vs. the competition weights?




23:12-Andy and his tracking of food and how many calories he is putting in.


23:55-What do you eat to get to 6000 kcals a day?


25:25-Coopers intake on nutrition and how it has evolved.


26:30-Layne Norton “If it fits your macros” and Dave Tate Diet


28:30-Lifting at altitude and eating Pop Eye’s chicken.


30:30-Hydration and the importance of it for both Cooper and Andy


32:15-Traveling to meets and how you keep calories up and prepped for the meet.


35:27-Supplementation use.


35:45-Coopers preworkout, C4, and post workout recovery (protein, carb powder and BCAAs).  General health: multi-vitamin, fish oil. Vitamin D3 and zinc.


38:00-What does Andy take?  He does not he is sponsored by NFP Gear.  Whey protein, pre-workout, mass gainer (when needed). Vitamin D3, fishoil, ephedrine at times.


39:52-The importance and utilization of recovery and mobility techniques.


40:30-Andy on the importance of sleep, recovery and Dr. Kyle visits, nutrition with AJ, and asking Joel if something is broken.


41:15-Utilizing dynamic warm ups (and an unfortunate injury)


43:57-Coopers take on recovery, mobility work, rest, and hydration.


46:00-Using a lacrosse ball to workout your pecs.


48:24-Future goals for both Andy and Cooper.


50:10-World record squat of 1102 pounds VIDEO


51:55-John Glaude on YouTube, ObesetoBeast.  Series: Obese to Physique


The Clinically Pressed Questions


52:55-Something you believe that others may not?

    -Geared lifting is safer than raw powerlifting. Geared lifters might have more longevity.


55:40-Differences in geared vs. raw lifting numbers.


57:12-What is your most influential ‘fitness’ purchase for under $100?

    -Signing up for a meet and paying for an entry fee to actually get yourself to do it.


57:54-Take home tips for someone who wanted to get stronger?

    -Focus on your nutrition and hydration.

    -Efficiency in the weightroom.

    -You’ll get stronger just by lifting.


59:15-If you could go back 10 years in your education and/or training and tell yourself something what would it be?

    -Focus on your nutrition and hydration.

    -I would still do football and not just fully focus on lifting.


1:00.36-Best Books.

    -AJ: The Martian-Broadway Books


    -Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics

    -Predictably Irrational-Harper Perennial


1:01.45 In Closing. Where can people find you?

    Cooper Wage

    -Instagram: wagepl

    -Facebook: Cooper Wage Powerlifter

    -YouTube: Wage PL


    Andy Askow

    -Facebook: Andy Askow

    -Instagram: andyaskowrtb

    -YouTube: Askow Athletics


1:02.30-Let the credits roll and a final word.


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