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Ep. 3: Sam Jorgenson-Nutrition & Wellness

Sam is a registered dietitian (RD) and a certified personal trainer at La Crosse Wellness Center.  He has done a little bit of everything plus spent a lot of time at EXOS Sports Performance, one of the leaders in the performance world.  He combines fitness and nutrition to make a highly effective plan for his clients.  He fills us in on all kinds of nutrition knowledge in this episode.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew

Show Notes:


CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:00-CP Intro Video


0:35-Welcome to CP & Introductions


0:48-Sam Jorgenson, RD, CPT, Nutrition Coordination & Fitness Director at LWC


1:54-7th Annual 6 Week Transformation Challenge at LWC


2:24-What is the La Crosse Wellness Center (LWC)?

-Physical Therapists

-Massage Therapist

-Field House

-Group Classes

-CrossFit UDX

-M.Y. Life Chiropractic

-Reaching Your Potential


4:05-Where does nutrition play into the LWC?


5:10-Nutrition philosophy: starting slow and adding things in.  


6:20-As a trainer you only see them for a small define portion of time, it is what they do outside of that time that can make the most difference.


6:34: T-Nation 5 Sets


6:55-Nutrition planning.  Individualized vs. Template.  Everything based on person's goals.


7:25-Body Composition: Tanita Scale and/or Skin Calipers


8:07-Spot reduction claims with fat loss


8:28-Charles Poliquin: BioSignature


9:09-1000 Crunches alone won’t give you a six pack if you have some extra body fat to lose


10:37-Cut the gimmicks, eat better.


11:42-Time for a break….


11:44-Clinically Pressed Kickstarter Promotional Video


14:36-And we are back.


14:42-EXOS Sports Performance


15:42-EXOS: Erika Sharp RD


16:09-EXOS Meal Builder

-Breaks it all down for the individual and then puts into template with serving sizes.

-Information on what a serving actually equals.

-Lenient on options but very scheduled.

-Integration with RD and Chef in the kitchen.


17:39-Potential with Cabin Coffee at LWC


18:10-Pre-workout options: Creatine, Beta-Alanine, Potentially Caffeine

Post: Dextrose, Protein, Fish Oil

EAS Options: EAS Hydrate for during/post workout


20:00-Mayo Clinic Sports Performance: Rochester, MN


24:15-How long are people going and training at EXOS?  


24:40-Nutrition vs. Fitness vs. Performance: Which one ‘drives’ you more in your life and working with your clients?


26:26-Another break….i.e. Camera shut off, back in a second.


26:30-See we’re back.


26:38-What are your go to approaches and philosophies when it comes to nutrition?

-Calorie base first and where metabolism is at.

-Macro nutrient breakdown

-Nutrient Timing (BOOK)


28:36-Protein is a huge struggle.


29:40-”If it fits your macros”

30:55-What do you do with different diets and when people ask questions about the different ones that are in the news at that current time?


32:13-What do people say when you ask them to eat more and eat so much?


33:10-What about timing and recommendations there?

-No/little carbs in the morning.  Mainly fats and protein

-Carbs based around working out and activity level.


33:40-”Carb Backloading” (BOOK)


34:28-What goes in your coffee?

Joel: -Bulletproof Beans

-XCT Oil

-KerryGold Butter

-Video: How to Make It

Sam: heavy whipping cream and coconut oil.


35:08-Skip Breakfast?  Really?  Isn’t it the most important meal of the day?


35:40-What about with athletes?  No the idea changes some.  Nothing is a one size fits all.


35:42-Misconception: Low fat is the way to go.  This era needs to end.


37:28-Healthy saturated fat.  It exists.


39:33-The CP Questions


39:43-What is something you believe that others might not or think is crazy?

-High fats are a good way to go.

-Combining fats and protein.

-Getting away from some of the carbs.


43:18-Your body can maintain your blood sugar and you can survive on that.  Your body knows how to adapt and it will be ok.


43:43-Three take home tips or the ‘Twitter’ version

  1. Breakfast: remove the carbs.

  2. Fuel your workout but you don’t need carbs all day.

  3. Get on track your next meal if you have a ‘cheat’.  Don’t waste your entire day.  80/20 rule.


46:39-What is your most influential fitness purchase under $100?

-Shake Weight…..? Just kidding.


- ‘Carb Backloading’- John Kiefer

- ‘Renaissance Diet’- Dr. Mike Israetel


48:38-What would you tell yourself in your training/education if you could go back 5 years?

-Looking at different sources and educate yourself as much as possible.

-Set your goal and work towards it.

-Figure out what you’re passionate about and then figure out how to get paid for that.


50:26-Where to find you?

-Twin Fitness Fix

-La Crosse Wellness Center: Website & Facebook Page