Ep. 7: Paul Schecklman-CrossFit

Paul does a little bit of everything but a few of them are very big things.  Not only is he a firefighter and EMS he is also a top ranked CrossFit athlete (#3 among firefighters) and on top of that he is sponsored by Dynamic Physiotherapy and Coulee Health.  All around he is kind of a badass.


This episode we cover everything CrossFit and he addresses a lot of the misconceptions that are out there.  This is a great episode and asnwers so many questions with so much information provided.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew



Show Notes:


0:00-Intro and shout out to CrossFit Acceleration (and the Mexican bartender in the background)


0:14-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:53-CP Intro and allow us to introduce Paul Schecklman


1:13-How Paul got into CrossFit


2:20-We don’t want to crush new members. Scaling everything to get them to come back for more.


3:28-Mark Rippitoe: CrossFit. The Good, the bad, and the Ugly (Article)


3:55-Is there an overall training progression in CrossFit?


5:03-CrossFit the sport vs. CrossFit the lifestyle


7:09-Don’t judge CrossFit by only one box


9:05-Getting away from standardized training and getting out there and finding more.


10:21-How do you adjust for the variety of members that come to each class?


13:25-Still getting the training effect while maintaining good movement.  It’s ok to adjust to work on the skill.


15:20-It’s ok to not be perfect at the movement at this time. Let's take the steps to get there.


17:10-Sport specific and looking at injury risk on the movements you are doing.


17:53-“People spend their lives trying to perfect these things.  It's ok if you aren’t picking it up in an hour or two a week”.


19:30-Training vs. Working Out (Article)


21:20-What have you done differently in your own personal training?


22:27-Looking at food as fuel and how it can make a huge difference in your workouts.

        -Paleo Diet

        -Bulletproof Diet

        -Flexible Dieting


-Shout out to Miley Cyrus with the background music.


24:27-Sleep.  It really is that important.


24:52-Cait Larsen: Dynamic Physiotherapy.  Holly Hanson-Hands On Health 


25:40-Taking what they tell you to do and actually going home and doing it.


29:02-CrossFit and training for sport.  Becoming much more common and specific.


29:23-John Welbourne: CrossFit Football


30:30-Building general athletes and not specializing too early in the process.


31:29-A quick break and Paul’s ‘performance INSIGHT


34:27-We’re back to finish out the episode


34:31-Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to CrossFit?

        -Kelly Starrett

        -Brian McKenzie

        -Carl Paoli

        -Jeff Tucker: Gymnastics

        -Eric O’Conner and Matt Shannon

        -Chris Spealler: Mental Game

        -Chris Hinshaw-Aerobic Training (Ironman)


Shout out to Pitbull for the background music


36:00-Getting into a movement practice sooner than later in childhood.


39:14-Recognizing where the most pain is in the workout and over estimate it to be able to work through it.


40:22-What are one or two (or many) of the misconceptions of CrossFit?


40:48-Andy Askow: “Just get under a bar, do something.”


42:54-CrossFit isn’t going to be a passing fad, it’s going to stick around for awhile.


44:52-CrossFit itself is not the games.  There is so much more to it.


46:25-The Clinically Pressed Questions


46:30-What is one thing you believe that others might not?

        -There isn’t one way to do anything but there is always a better way.


47:13-What is one fitness purchase under $100 that has been most impactful?

        -Kettlebell (also Kyle’s favorite)

        -T Bar kettlebell (Tim Ferriss)


48:31-Three take home tips or the Twitter version of what you would like to tell everyone?

1.     If you form an opinion on CrossFit, try it first.

2.     Whatever you’re going to do, go through with it.  Commit to it.

3.     Have fun.


49:33-Joel struggles with paying attention while baby is working out in the background


49:51-What would you tell yourself in training/education if you could go back 10 years.

        -Focus on your recovery.  Don’t just play through it.

        -Type of training.  Don’t make it all about aesthetics.

        -Better food choices because your metabolism isn’t going to be able to handle it for ever.


51:39-Pita Chips and Guacamole: would have been a lifesaver.


51:44-Where can people find you:

        -Shout out to CrossFit Acceleration

        -Anywhere on Social Media

                    Facebook: facebook.com/paul.schecklman

                    Instagram: @paulyschecks

                    Twitter: @paulyschecks

                    Train for the Win

        -Hit him up anytime to ask questions about anything related to CrossFit and Training.


53:47-Granite Games in St. Cloud.


54:10-How is this training beneficial for firefighters/police officers?




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