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Ep. 44: Paragon Nutrition-The Pauls

We got a chance to sit down with Paul Scheckleman and Paul Yanzer (aka The Pauls) and really dive into what they are doing with Paragon Fitness and Nutrition.  Their back story is incredible and their reasons for starting Paragon are amazing.  We dive deep into that story and we also deep into some of the science behind their products and why they chose to produce what they have.

We truly believe that what they do is as pure as it gets when it comes to the supplement industry.  Not only their reasons behind wanting to help people but also the attention to detail in the whole process of creating their products.  Great episode to listen to.



Show Notes:


0:00-Episode introduction and check out Paragon Nutrition for some of the most effective and well done supplements on the market.  Use code “CP15” for 15% off at checkout. Also check us out and “SUBSCRIBE” on YouTube to get alerts when new videos are posted.

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1:56-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:33-Welcome to this episode with the Paul’s of Paragon Fitness and Nutrition.  And the fact we finally got the timing to work.


3:07-How did Paragon get it started?


5:04-Starting from nothing and now expanding and finishing out year one.


7:05-Taking their time and making sure caring about the consumer was priority number 1.


7:30-Looking at how firefighting was affecting Paul.


8:56-A focus on CrossFit and that being the Pauls’ background.


10:45-Supplements/Products don’t ‘cure’ everything.  They are only going to assist getting you moving in the right direction.


13:30-How does Paul Yanzer’s science background fit in to everything?


15:45-’Internet professional’s’ and figuring out where you get your information from.


19:03-Using the research, evidence, and science to help support and back up the products.


22:36-Looking at the delivery systems of how they supplement gets into your body.


25:40-Knowing when and where and who to use the products with.  It really is important.


28:32-’Catalyst’ as Paragon’s pre-workout product.  It’s pretty awesome.


32:30-How beneficial it is to have someone that can actually explain how and why things work.


37:00-Having clean and simple ingredients are important.


39:50-You have to take everything into consideration and how your body will respond.


44:20-The dangers of undereating (it all depends on your situation)


46:05-Supplements to help fill the void that you can’t always fill with diet and nutrition.


49:30-New offerings from Paragon in the future.


54:15-A venture into adult coloring books.


58:15-Some of the long term benefits of creatine use.


1:02.55-Working with veterans and also the Wide Receiver Factory


1:04.30-Paragon’s work with charity.


1:05.40-Sorry for the abrupt end, recording errors but we hope you enjoyed the show.


1:06.18-And let the credits roll.


1:06.39-Kyle with the outro.