Ep. 33: Kat Soper-Palm + Pine

Kat Soper does a little bit of everything when it comes mindfulness and wellness.  Kat is a yoga instructor but adds so much more to what she does than just yoga.  Kat started Palm + Pine (Free Spirit.  Midwest Roots) and not only offers yoga but they put on full retreats for people to get away, unplug and generally spend some time with their mind.

Kat talks about everything that goes into Pam + Pine, how she uses yoga and also how yoga has benefited her life.  She has some fantastic insight on things you can do to be mindful and help keep your wellness high.  This is a great look into yoga and some of the things it can add to your life.  Check it out.

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Show Notes:


0:00-A short intro.  Check out the Total Athletic Therapy Newsletter to get your free ‘Core’ video by our very own Dr. Kyle and his wife Dr. Erica.  Also Clinically Pressed will be at the CrossFit games coming up here in a couple weeks.  Be sure to check it out.


0:56-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:30-Welcome to this episode ft. Kat Soper, yoga instructor and mindfulness geek/master.


2:41: Yoga, health, healing and wellness.


3:05-Starting off with ‘Core Power’ yoga.


5:36-Looking at San Diego because of the 3 B’s, Beaches. Burritos. Beers.  Making the move across the country.


7:27-Kicking Joel’s butt in a kind and loving way with yoga.


8:34-Vinyasa Yoga: linking your breath to your movement in an intentional way.


9:54-Restorative classes in yoga.  Looking at Yin yoga.


11:45-Palm + Pine


14:30-The Trempealeau Hotel and their first retreat.


17:00-The difference between a vacation and a retreat.


21:30-Areas that Kat sees the most room for improvement in people’s lives.


22:40-Not making everything about an external focus.


24:42-Rich Roll Podcast


27:30-What are the biggest mistakes you see people do when starting out with yoga.

    -Remember it is all about you for that time.


31:19-Learning to teach within the bookends.


34:30-Tying in ‘Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization


38:35-Where do you go for resources and to pick up the knowledge you have?



40:30-LINK: Harrison Pollack Episode


42:00-What is the story/reason you got into health and wellness?


45:03-Focusing on health and well being on the inside and out.


47:58-BOOK: John Kabat-Zinn: Mindfulness Revolution


50:47-TANGENT WARNING!!  Does ‘Alexa’ work for the CIA?


51:29-Movie recommendation: Fed Up


54:22-Mindfulness Stress Reduction


58:01-Check out Palm + Pine and give yoga a shot.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

59:11-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Corgi’s are the cutest dog ever (esp. Their butts)


1:00.02-3 tips to take home.

    -Practice gratitude daily.

    -Meditate (in your own way)

    -Kick chinese food and/or adopt puppies


1:02.18-Shout out to Atticus the cat (Kelley’s cat ;-) )


1:03.35-Top purchase for under $100 that has positively impacted your life the most.

    -Yoga mat


1:04.00-Book Recommendations

    -Untethered Soul

    -Buddha's Brain

    -The Happiness Track

    -Gabriel Bernstein

    -The Big Leap

    Nassim Taleb

    -The Black Swan

    -Fooled by Randomness



1:09.51-More books

    -The Happiness Advantage


1:11.51-If you could go back 5-10 years and tell yourself something what would it be?

    -High school version: “don’t be an idiot” and appreciate your mama more.


1:12.56-In closing, where can people find you?’

    Palm + Pine (Yoga, Retreats & Blog)

    Facebook: Kat Soper

    Email: kate@palmandpineyoga.com

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