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Ep. 23: Dr. Guy Jodarski-Organic (Valley) Vet

You may wonder why this would be under the 'nutrition' label when we are talking to a veterinarian but it will become very obvious as you get into the episode.  We had the privilege of talking to Dr. Guy Jodarski of Organic Valley.  We cover so much information about nutrition in this episode.  We talk organic vs. conventional, grass fed vs. not, all the way down to soil quality.  


If you have ever thought about organic but couldn't make up your mind for multiple reasons we suggest you check this one out because the information is great and backed by science.  We very much enjoyed the the with Dr. Guy and hope you enjoy the episode.

-CP PodSquad



Show Notes:


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed at Organic Valley w/ Dr. Guy Jodarski


1:34-Organic Valley is a cooperative of 1800 farmers over 35 states.


2:31-When Doc transitioned over to an organic approach.


3:45-The basics of the ‘organic approach’.


4:50-Focusing on nutrition and grazing of the cattle.


6:06-You’re not what you eat, you are what you eat, eats.


7:15-Nutritional content with organic and grass fed


7:43-Bulletproof Coffee (this one is on us)


8:56-The stigma of fat.


10:26-Breaking down all the fatty acids and what they mean.  2.5-3 Omega-6 to 1 Omega-3


13:29-Inflammatory conditions are all related, it’s all just where it manifests itself.


15:45-Organic vs. Conventional Milk and its health profiles (it’s science)


18:54-Being able to tell when grass is being consumed by cows by the color change in the butter.


20:53-Cooking your grassfed meat slower due to the maturity of the animal.


21:30-Shout out to the Co-oP in La Crosse, WI


24:15-Higher antioxidants and lower pesticides in organic fruits and vegetables.


26:01-Why the difference?  Potentially in the way that things are grown.


27:05-The chemistry we apply to our body and skin without even knowing.


29:00-Our body has defense mechanisms, so does nature, if we stop doing these things they will detoxify.


30:31-How sustainable is it to go organic and feeding our country?


31:52: The world is making all the food that we need but we don’t have a great distribution plan.


35:13-Organic farming moving into the 5-10% range of farming.


36:40-Organic costs too much….well what does healthcare cost you?


37:30-How Organic Valley helps farmers go organic.


39:40-How do you help prevent and treat diseases in the animals?


43:45-Use of probiotics and prebiotics with the animals?  Is that a thing?  We have no idea.


45:48-What steps are taken to help improve the quality of the soil on an organic farm? And soil basics.


50:50-So weeds can be a good thing?


53:10-A cow's ability to self medicate in a field.


56:00-Looking at the life around a diverse ecosystem vs. a mono-culture ecosystem.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


58:19-What is something that you believe that others may not?

-Attitude and mental state is one of the most important aspects of your health and the mind-body connection.


59:44-Tips for happiness.

    -We think too much and we need to turn off our brain sometimes.



    -’The Power of Now’-Eckhart Tolle

    -’New Earth’-Eckhart Tolle


1:03-10-The power of presence and enjoying where you are at.


1:04.46-Looking at things as challenges and seeing the moment as something you need to work through and that it is what you need right now to grow personally.


1:05.25-More Books

    -’Letting Go’-David Hawkins


1:07.08-Best fitness/health related purchase for around $100?

    -Merrell Hiking Shoes


1:08.35-We don’t know all the answers.  Stay open and be present.


1:08.45-Where can people find you?

    -Organic Valley website for information

    -Call into 800 number and ask for Dr. Guy and he will call you back.


1:09.38-Let the credits roll.


1:09.56-Closing by AJ.