Ep. 54: Omaha Spine and Sport

In this episode we follow up with Corey Campbell of Omaha Spine and Sport and are also joined by Jace Peters.  We talk about a whole lot of ideas and one of the main ones was 'clinical success' vs 'business success'.  They don't have to be mutually exclusive but you can get lost chasing business success and lose sight on focusing on the patient.  Both guys give great tips on how to stay engaged with your patient and help them get the best outcomes.

We also get into some of the thought leaders that both Jace and Corey follow and utilize in their daily lives to keep them grounded to keep doing things the best they can.  Great ideas to implement into your life out of this one.  Check it out.



Show Notes:


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2:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:37-Welcome Corey Campbell and soon Jace Peters.


2:56-Reliving the trip to Omaha and NCAA Track Regionals as the University of Kansas.


3:22-What is the difference between ‘clinical success’ and ‘business success’?


4:27-You have to connect with people on more than a clinical level.


7:01-Treating the person and not just the condition and being patient with people.


7:40-Everything in your practice should be set, except for patient care.


10:06-Asking 5 questions about the person before diving into their condition.


11:00-Welcome Jace Peters.


13:00-Knowing your numbers but not being solely reliant on those numbers.


16:15-What have and can you learn from millennials (mainly Corey)?


19:00-Don’t be afraid to overtreat when you are most likely undertreating.


21:07-How has Steven Covey and Tony Robbins changed your approach to pretty much everything?


23:10-Fulfillment is the ultimate goal.


BOOK: Rich Dad, Poor Dad


26:57-Book Recommendations

    >Jocko Willink-Discipline Equals Freedom

    >Jocko Willink-Extreme Ownership

    >Jocko Willink-Mickey and the Dragons


28:32-How do you take something that is complicated and make it simple.

    -You have to absolutely own it and as many details as you can about it.


30:02-Knowing to a level that you can now go and explain it to the patient.


31:40-Since the last conversation is there anything that you would go back and tell yourself that you’ve learned?

    -Don’t worry about scaling too fast.

    -Use your resources


32:30-What if I got pain for my focus, my presence and communication skills?


33:50-Influential purchase for under $100?

    -Online streaming services

    -Amazon Firestick

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