Nutrition might be the most complicated and controversial area within health and wellness.  Nutritional guidelines seem to be constantly changing and updating.  Often times it becomes difficult to differentiate between the hottest new fad diet and and evidence based recommendations, so what do you do?


Let us take the guesswork out of healthy eating. We try to cover everything we can with different options for healthy eating and make it as simple as possible.  We believe in sticking to the basics of nutrition yet at the same time not being afraid to stray away from more traditional practices.  We often recommend trying to eat whole food sources, opt for organic as often as you can and keep the ingredients list as low as possible.  We believe in certain situations you can optimize health & performance with supplements; however keep in mind they are just that, supplemental, and therefore should only be added if it it’s not realistic to get certain ingredients from your regular diet..  


We try to talk with as many nutrition experts as we can to help shed some light on current practices within the nutrition field.  Most of them have the same general beliefs when it comes to certain nutrition recommendations and for a good reason.  We try to bring their ideas back so that you can incorporate this strategies into your daily routine to make them applicable  and enjoyable at the same time.

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Sam is a RD at LWC and has worked with some of the best athletes in the world in his time at EXOS.  He takes that experience and applies it to all the clients he works with and the results speak for themselves.  Here he shares some of his knowledge. EPISODE.

In this Round Table Discussion the CP PodSquad talks supplements, and we had a lot to cover.  We talk about the good and bad and where we think they should fit into a healthy lifestyle.  We also give what we think are some of the best go to supplements to utilize.


We knew this was going to be an interesting episode when we went out to Organic Valley but we had no idea how deep it would get.  Kyle and Joel both left full of new insight and knowledge that Dr. Guy just kept laying down.  We cover organic vs. convention, the soil, how it all fits in to a much bigger picture.  If you've ever thought about organic this is a great place to start for information.  Enjoy.