Ep. 28: Alex Earl-Midwest Rehabilitation Institute

Continuing education is a huge pillar that the CP PodSquad believes in deeply and Alex Earl is someone who provides just that and he is good at it.  Alex is the owner and operator of Midwest Rehabilitation Institute which provides continuing education courses for chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and anyone else trying to improve their skills.  His courses range from clinical based, wellness and as always performance.

In this episode we sit down with Alex and talk about how it all got started and all of what MWRI is all about.  We cover the classes including DNS (and Alex's trip to Prague) and the other courses he offers.  If you want to improve your skill set we highly recommend checking them out.  Find discounts to courses in September in the show notes.

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Show Notes:

Go to www.rehabmri.com to look at all the course and the DNS symposium on September 7-8, 2017.

DNS Exercise 2 & 3 Combo Weekend: $450/each = $900.00 (Includes PS fee)

DNS Pediatric 1: Save $100.00  = $500.00 (Includes PS Fee)

DNS Golf Course: Save $200.00 = $500.00 (Include PS Fee)

DNS Advanced Skills Course = Save $150.00 (Includes PS Fee) 


Registrations should use the promo code "CLINICALLYPRESSED" at checkout to receive these discounts. They are not valid on any registration that has taken place, nor are they valid with any other promo code. 

0:00-Information on the episode and offer.


1:28-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:05-Welcome to this Episode of Clinically Pressed (and Joel struggles with the intro)


2:19-Welcome Alex Earl.  LINK: Clinically Pressed-DNS w/ Brett Winchester and Alex Earl


2:55-How did Midwest Rehabilitation Institute (MWRI) get started?


3:51-The Rehab Diplomate


5:32-The “light bulb” moment to really get MWRI started.


6:07-Starting to offer Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Classes.


8:17-Working on the path of success.


9:03-Simon Sinek-’Start With Why’ and utilizing that to fuel attendance and improve each and every course.


10:08-Is Alex seeing any trends in continuing education?


Course Examples

    -Greg Lehman: Rehab

    -Neurodynamic Solutions


13:42-Suspending believe and becoming a “jack of all trades” and integrating things you’ve learned into your own model (TAT Article)


15:28-”The book you don’t read won’t help you.” -Jim Rohn

           “The course you don’t take won’t help you.” -Alex Earl


17:10-Getting better everyday you are in the clinic and applying your skill set.


18:11-How was your trip to Prague Alex?


20:07-Talking about Pavel’s own clinic for DNS and everything that it had.


22:50-MWRI providing courses that aren’t techniques and recipes but concepts that can be applied across the board.


26:54-Doing the position yourself and with your patient so they see how hard it is and that it is ok to struggle.


28:33-Revisiting the Clinically Pressed Questions


29:01-What is something you believe that a small group of people might also believe?  (That one is for Alex)

    -Spiritual warfare in our world and Angels and Demons.


30:25-We may need a minute…..


30:36-New book recommendations.

    -Steven Gerrard Autobiography

    -Tools of Titans-Tim Ferriss

    -Grit-Angela Duckworth


32:58-ARTICLE: 1000 True Fans


33:24-If you could have one billboard and place it anywhere with anything on it, where and what?

    -”Better than Before”

    -Maybe a highway in Chicago.


35:06-Is MWRI just going to stay just in the midwest or are you looking to go global?


36:55-If you could go back 8-9 months and tell yourself something, what would it be?

    -Sleep more.


38:16-What advice do you have to the student practitioner as they are finishing school?

  1. Don’t take anyones highlight reel that you see and compare it to your reality.

  2. Don’t confuse where your mentor or someone you follow is now and compare to where you are.  You have to struggle a little bit to get to that point.  Stay the course.


41:18: Plugs?

    Website: www.rehabmri.com

    Facebook: MWRI

    Instagram: Midwest_Rehab_Institute


42:04-Thanks for coming back on the podcast Alex.


42:12-AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! (our first one ever)


42:40-Joel with the outro.


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