Ep. 6: Monkey Bar Gym-Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds has done a little bit of everything.  He has a 47 inch vertical, his dad invented the beaded jump rope and training with tubing, he worked with the LA Clippers and now owns Monkey Bar Gym.  They take a simple approach to fitness and peformance but it is also highly effective.  We talk everything fitness, nutrition and how to get the most of our your training and life.  It was a great conversation and one that is worth checking out for a different view point.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew



Show Notes:


0:00-Episode Introduction


0:27-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:04- Welcome to the latest episode and introducing Jon Hinds and Monkey Bar Gym


1:36-Some background on Jon


1:43-Invention of the beaded jump rope and tubing for working out


3:47-25 inch vertical to 47 inches in just a little over a year and half with banded resistance training


4:14-Simplicity is Key.  Simple & Strong


5:20-Working with the L.A. Clippers


6:10-Invention of the ‘Power Wheel’ and the ‘Power Jumper


6:36-Minimal since ‘97 (minimalist shoes)


7:16-Mentality of the person training and why it is so important


8:00-”Working Out vs. Training’ (Article)


10:21-Every workout seems to have to to be metabolic


10:30-’Microwave Mindset’ and ‘Fitness Diets’


11:40-What metrics Monkey Bar uses: Body fat, S&C testing.  And the Monkey Bar Club: Deadlift, dip and chin up totaled (including body weight).  Add them all up and divide by body weight to get you your score


13:15-Are you the best version of yourself?


15:18-How do you deadlift without Olympic weights?


16:35-How does Monkey Bar do training?


18:21-How do the coaches work?  Do you have specialists?


19:47-Eischens Yoga. Along with movements and strength training.


21:24-”No animal on the planet static stretches, except for humans.”

Recommendation “Supple Leopard


22:50-Should older people really need to do metabolic workouts? Does this make sense?


24:50-What is the concept and equipment that is utilized by Monkey Bar?


25:17-Climb, crawl, run, jump, react skills all in one class and adapted based on level

Class Types

Beginner: Stability

Intermediate: Strength

Advanced: Power


26:54-Leader and pioneer in the fitness world


27:13-Thoughts on CrossFit and Functional Patterns


28:36-Training/Cheating for the significance of your name on the board


29:18-Diets are Quackery.  Can’t be a quick fix in both training and diet


30:34-The meaning of the Monkey Bar logo


30:50-Impact on people and planet.  Focusing on a ‘plant based diet’


31:50-Plant based is not vegan, it’s not meant to be that restricting.


33:25-Restriction is how to get people to not follow something


34:45-’The China Study’ InformationBook


38:50-The Clinically Pressed Questions


38:55-What is something you may believe that others might not?

-Follow nature

-Do more of what you want to be good at.

-Eat like primates


42:27-”When you find yourself on the side of the majority, you’re on the wrong side.” -Mark Twain


42:35-What is the most influential “fitness” purchase for under $100?

-Tim Ferriss (this one is on us…)

-Power Wheel: and how humbling it is


43:55-What would you tell yourself in your training or education if you could go back 10-20 years?  And where were you at?

-Stay focused on being true to yourself.

-Be authentic to yourself


45:43-Where can people find you?



46:27-The CP Crew will definitely be testing out the Monkey Bar Club and updating on how we do.



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