Ep. 44: Leah Misch-#YouGoGirl

Leah is a resident of La Crosse Wisconsin and has a fantastic story about overcoming so much in her own live when it comes to health and wellness.  Leah is a nurse that found her life at a turning point in her life and we got to hear the entire story about what made her turn her life to where she wanted it to go.

Along with that Leah does so many things now to help promote health and wellness.  This includes riding her motorcycle all over the country to different events all the while working online to help people achieve their goals.  This is a great story and we were honored to be able to sit down and listen to it all and also to collaborate with Leah on a couple project in the La Crosse area.  Please be sure to check it out!



Show Notes:


0:00-Episode introduction and check out Paragon Nutrition for some of the most effective and well done supplements on the market.  Use code “CP15” for 15% off at checkout.  Also check us out and “SUBSCRIBE” on YouTube to get alerts when new videos are posted  (Or Click Above ;-) ).


1:50-A sneak peak of our ‘Making the Complicated Simple’ question.


2:22-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:56-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and Leah Misch


3:10-A little background on getting introduced to Leah.


3:36-TAT Blog Post “What you Should Eat Before Your Big Run


4:21-Leah’s back story on health and nutrition.  She has come a long way.


5:12-”You Go Girl”.


6:30-Leah’s “Bucket List” within the quote book.


9:04-Going through the first run and all the emotions of starting a race.


10:10-”One foot in front of the other” -Tom Farrell


12:13-A motorcycling accident that really set Leah back but also gave a huge amount of perspective to keep doing the things that she enjoyed.


15:44-Having small reminders in life that snap you back into knowing it isn’t always so bad.


18:27-What has been the driving force behind all your work in reaching people and spreading a positive message?


Apologies for the fiasco of noise in the background.  Shout out to Cabin Coffee for letting us hang out.


20:24-Nurse Health Coach through Interactive Health


22:27-Trying to get away from fixing sick and promoting healthy.


25:52-What are some of your go to principles when it comes to health and nutrition?


26:08-”Pay the farmer not the pharmacist.”


28:58-How do we flip spending 90% of the money on chronic diseases and only 10% on prevention?


31:25-Looking at a much bigger picture and how the system is going to be able to maintain everyone and their health?


33:26-A small interruption, and we are back.


35:20-Do not forget the basics.


36:20-Shout out to Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Work Week


38:47-Leah gives us the story of a 10,000 mile tour on her motorcycle and the lessons that she learned.


41:15-Harrison Pollack and his own personal purge (his episode HERE).


48:10-What change can you make to make sure you get the right things mixed into your life?


48:52-LISTEN TO MORE PODCASTS, namely this one!


51:24-How does the motorcycle come in?  HINT: the bucket list.


Sorry about all of the dinging!


58:38-All the good stories from Leah and the marathon leading up to meeting Joel & AJ.


1.04:20-What are you most proud of on your bucket list?


1.05:40-BMI vs. Body Composition (TAT Article)


1.10:00- Sorry more beeping.  New audio equipment coming soon.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


1.12:59-What do you do that ‘makes the complicated simple’?

    -Get down to the “why”


1.14:11-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Less is more.  Quantity vs. quality.


1.15:30-What are 3 take home tips? Or an ask of the audience.

    -Paying the farmer not the pharmacist.

    -And a reference to hot pockets….

    -Life begins outside of your comfort zone.

    -You are stronger than you think you are.

    -Ask your audience.


1.18:20-The idea of fear-setting.


1.18:58-Most influential purchase(s) for under $100?

    -Running shoes

    -Heart rate monitor

    -Quote book


1.19:25-Book Recommendations

    -Michael Pollan: Omnimore's Dilemma & In Defense of Food


1.20:45-What would you tell yourself if you could go back 10 years?

    -You’re stronger than you think you are.


1.22:00-Where can people find you?



    Facebook: Leah Misch

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