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In this Leadership Insight, Rick Cox reviews an article written by Dr. Matt Kutz titled ‘The Significance of Leadership for Advancing Clinical Practice and Improving Patient Outcomes in Athletic Training’. Rick dives into how Dr. Kutz talks about how leadership is key not only to the growth of the athletic training profession but in healthcare generally to help improve patient outcomes and ultimately serve the people we are seeing. These ideas of broad ranging application and are great for any clinician to reflect upon and apply to their practice. VIDEO

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There are couple types of stoicism, Rick Cox in this Leadership Insight isn’t talking about the demeanor of being stoic but the theories, thoughts, principles of practices of stoicism. Stoicism has come back  in gaining popularity as a way to apply ancient wisdom to everyday life through the work of Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss. This is an introduction to stoicism and what it is all about and Rick does a great job summing it up. If you’ve never heard of it before, great insight to check out, if you’ve been on the fence about looking into it, this might put you over. VIDEO.


In this Leadership Insight, Rick breaks down the concept of ‘Extreme Ownership’ by Jocko Willink. Jocko isn’t for everyone but we highly recommend at least reading this book and digging into the concepts that Jocko presents.When all else fails Jocko returns to the concept that everything falls on you, the leader, and it should because that is what the role demands. Rick breaks it down with great take aways from the book and the concept of ‘Extreme Ownership’ to apply into your daily life and work. VIDEO


Being a leader is more than being in a position of authority. It is also more than just getting things done, or getting them done right. It's about doing the right thing when the situation calls for it. Rick Cox breaks down leadership vs. Management in this Leadership Insight. VIDEO