Leadership can be a catch all term these days and anyone can claim to be a leader. What does being a leader actually mean though? A position alone doesn't mean leadership automatically comes along with it. Do you have to be born a leader or can you learn and develop into one? We'll take a look at a lot of these questions through some interviews on leadership and through the Insights section as well on leadership and how we think developing a better understanding can help in the long run.

ATChat-Ep. 14: ESPN Article & AT Leadership

ESPN recently put out an article and video on Outside the Lines highlighting some of the issues that come along when coaches clout starts to influence how athletic trainers do their job. The story was based on a survey by the NATA looking at athletic training interaction with coaches and administrators and how that effected their ability to practice and if there was any interference. The results were shocking.


In this short episode we do a quick talk on these issues and some of things we are looking at in how “the tides can be turned”. We discussed how we can see ourselves on the same level as coaches and why it is important to make sure we are establishing that we work “with” our coaches and not “for” coaches. Some of these simple words can have deep meaning when it comes to how you are perceived and how you perceive yourself.


LINK: ESPN Article 

ATChat-Ep. 61: Joel Luedke-Empowering AT Leadership

Roles got reversed in this episode as Austin and Greg interview Joel. Joel has talked for more recently about the importance of looking at AT Services, not AT Servants and the importance of working “with” coaches and fellow administrators, not “for” them. This has been a shift that has been occurring over Joel’s last 4-5 years of practice in the profession.


The shift in thinking began when Joel started leading a group of ATs and started to see the amount of service and hours being requested of them didn’t match the compensation, not even close. The realization that while we can’t always control the salary we can control the hours to make that salary meaningful and allow time for a person to find alternative work. It also happened when changing the mindset to working “with” coaches and that while we are a service industry, professional courtesy can and should happen. Being adaptable is what ATs do, but that has to go both ways.


Finally, we talk about ideas to help empower ATs moving forward and what research and education could be helpful. Enjoy.

ATChat-Ep. 62: Rick Cox-Leadership Skills in AT

Rick Cox is the head athletic training and strength and conditioning coach at Suffolk University, he is also our first repeat guest on ATChat. If you follow Rick at all on social media you know he is constantly focusing on leadership and sharing what he is currently reading on the top. You can also make the safe bet that it might have to relate to Jocko Willink and Extreme Ownership.


In this episode we talk with Rick about his path to leadership as well as his thoughts on how it is had developed over time for him. We also talk about how the principles of Extreme Ownership can apply to the athletic training profession and how more leadership skills can be taught and encouraged. 


This was a great discussion on so many topics of leadership. Empowering leadership in ATs in not only the profession but also within their workplace is so important to the growth of individual ATs and the profession. Enjoy this one.

Ep. 82: Ego Is The Enemy

This episode is a combination of ‘What We Are Reading’ and ‘Leadership Insight’. Joel is joined by Rick Cox (see Leadership Insights) to discuss some of their favorite passages from the book ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday. This book hit both of them real hard, in a good way, that and made them think deep on what they can focus on when it comes to their own ego and how it applies to everything they do.


In this episode they pulled out 3 of their favorite passages each and discussed how they apply to not only athletic training but to strength and conditioning, and other health and fitness realms. We highly recommend this book to everyone and if you can open up and be humble, there is so much more you can do in the world in a positive way.


Check it out.