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Kinesiology Taping Techniques for an Athletic Population

Plantar Fascia

This taping procedure will add proprioceptive feedback to the arch when working barefoot on rehab and activity.  While not an extremely strong support it can be highly beneficial in rehab and returning back to activity.

Shin Splints or MTSS

This procedure can help support the arch and posterior medial flexors of the lower leg.  This can help aid in strengthening and potentially reduce pain in activity.  The added proprioception can make a difference as you are returning to activity.

Patella Tendon

This taping procedure can help reduce the stress on the patellar and aid in proprioception of movement while returning to activity.  The decompression can help with symptoms while having the feedback through the knee and quad can compliment your treatment plan.

Ilitotibial (IT) Band Tract

The IT band can be very difficult to deal with and the use of kinesiology tape can help with controlling symptoms and potentially reducing tightness as you do more treatment.  Decompression can be especially useful at the insertion if pain is present.

Rotator Cuff

In this taping procedure we are looking to support the rotator cuff muscles.  Depending on which muscle(s) you are targeting you are able work with them directly.  This can help in shoulder control as well as aiding in rehab after an injury.

Posture & Shoulder Position

With this taping procedure we give a couple of ideas to help assist the shoulder girdle complex to maintain proper position to help reduce pain and tightness.  This can be extremely helpful to assist in a rehab program for many shoulder pathologies.

Lateral Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Here we take a look at how to help support the lateral extensors of the elbow by both reminding the body where they are proprioceptively and also reducing compression with the decompression strips.  This can help reduce pain and give more awareness as you are working back to activity and rehab.

In this kinesiology taping procedure we discuss utilizing the tape to help with proprioception and control of the forearm and wrist to help reduce symptoms.  Along with that we show using decompression strips to help decompress the area around the pain.

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On the Clinical side Kinesiology tape can help with knowing where your body is in space and assist with proprioception.  While it may not "hold" anything in place it can aid in the health and performance of different joints.