Ep. 4: Kevin Schultz-Sports Performance

Kevin is a good friend of ours and actually one of the main people that brought us together.  Along with all that he is extremely knowledgable in all things related to performance.  He has a variety of experiences and certifications all over the place from performance to soft tissue work and nutrition.  He is always reading and the books are very interesting (we list them below) and is a great conversation regarding athletes and just general health.  We had a great time catching up and checking out his set up at UW-Madison.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew

Show Notes:


0:00-Episode Introduction


1: 38-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:16-Welcome to Clinically Pressed and Introduction of Kevin Schultz


3:37-Jack of all Trades Model


4:40-The List:


-USAW Sports Performance Coach Level I




-Poliquin BioSignature

-Precision Nutrition

-NASM Fitness Nutrition

-Licensed Massage Therapist (Wisconsin)

-ART Upper Extremity (expired)

-Myofascial Decompression

-USATF Level 1


9:09-Certifications and content and walking away from them


11:56-CSCS, CSCCA accepted for NCAA


12:50-Challenges from DIII to DI?  Not as much as expected.


13:47-DI athletes do go to school.


14:15-Better athletes at DI and able to do more? Training Age.


15:21-Testing on the athletes: SPC, Badger Athletic Performance Lab



-Bench Press

-Jumps: Broad, consecutive, vertical

-20yd & 40yd dash


Badger Athletic Performance Lab

-Dexa Scans

-VO2 max (on certain sports)

-Gait analysis

-Vertical jump on force plates

-Star excursion on force plates


17:15-Collaborative approach to working with the athlete and the testing results


18:33-Diet being a huge part of body composition and not just training and conditioning


19:12-Policy change allowing DI to feed athletes as much as they want.  How’s it going?


20:58-JL didn’t call it but he did say Xavier was a good match up.


21:15-Go to system should be the one that you develop.  Not the ‘copy and paste method’



-Discovering deficiencies


23:08 “90% of what I do is already set in stone when I walk in the door.” -Buddy Morris

-Spending 90% of your time trying to figure out the other 10%


24:55-Elite level status and progression.  Not looking at what elite level people are doing now but what they were doing when they were where you are at.


25:32-Your freshman and senior shouldn’t be training the same way unless you have a really good freshman or you haven’t done anything with your senior.


26:30-What have been the biggest learning curves with doing more aerobic training.


26:40- VT=Ventilatory threshold


27:17-”Ultimate MMA Conditioning” -Joel Jameson (BOOK)


27:52-The need for a strong aerobic base in order to build off of that.


28:58-Yo-Yo Repeat Intermittent Sprint Test


31:40-At some point you just have to train and get stronger.


32:58-Favorite Book of All Time: Bill Romanowski-"Romo: My Life on the Edge--Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons"


34:49-PEMF the 5th Element of Health-Bryant Meyers (BOOK)


36:02-Bulletproof Radio and Light Therapy




36:52-Amber tinted glasses


37:20-Nutbush City Limits


38:00-The Clinically Pressed Questions


38:04-What is something you believe that others may not?

-That being a strength coach isn’t the only profession out there and it isn’t the most important in the world.

-The other 21 hours

-Hard work and effort.

-Provide message to the athletes


41:49-Most influential ‘fitness’ purchase for $100?

-Find a professional that can help you out.

-Buy books and get resources


43:02-Reliving our experiences….and “Podcasting for Dummies


43:23-What information would you tell yourself in your education and/or training if you could go back in 10 years?

-Master of none.

-Don’t be average at everything.

-Nothing matters but everything matters and hard work is key.


45:08-”We Got This”


46:14-”What got you here today won’t get you there tomorrow.”


47:50-Find balance in work.  You keep going in life and work isn’t everything.


48:35-Josh Whitman, new AD at University of Illinois-Congrats


48:58-DIII to DI, everyone has the job that they want.






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