Ep. 36: Kelly Wild



This is our first episode from our trip to the CrossFit Games in Madison and it was a great one.  Kelly Wild is a member of Team Timberwolf and also a Paragon Fitness sponsored athlete.  Kelly has competed at the highest level in both Division 1 hockey and now in the team competition within CrossFit.  She's doing all that while getting through physical therapy school.  Oh and she manages all of this along with type I diabetes.

This is a great episode and there is a lot of interesting discussion on CrossFit and its evolution to how to manage a busy life and still compete on the hight levels not only in athletics but in your daily life.

-CP Pod Squad

Show Notes:

0:00-Episode introduction and some big news coming up with Paragon Nutrition.


0:54-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:33-Well let’s get started with the episode and introduce Kelly Wild.  Shout out to the Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, WI.


3:06-What are the differences between team and individual competition at The CrossFit Games?


4:56-Kelly and Andy connect on powerlifting and also Kelly’s numbers.


6:36-How was the transition from high level hockey to CrossFit?


9:00-Being Type I Diabetic has to make things more difficult with training at such a high level.


12:03-How has having a routine in life and training helped with the management of your diabetes?


13:18-Having been a high level athlete in a couple different areas, what don’t people realize?


17:06-An idea of Full Contact CrossFit?


17:45-Does your team focus on a lot of outside of training care?


18:58-How has going to PT school helped in your own training?


20:44-How important is team chemistry and what role does it play in performance?


23:24-A look into the rules of team competition in CrossFit.  This surprised us but is pretty cool.


25:20-What does the preparation look like in the days leading up to competition?


27:08-How do you set up your training to try and prepare for all the potential things you are going to deal with?


34:22-Has it helped a lot having this be the 3rd Games you’ve participated in.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


37:03-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -That the Loch Ness Monster maybe use to exist.

    -That going to the dentist isn’t that bad.


38:21-What are three take home tips you would have for people?

    -People should try CrossFit

    -Women shouldn’t worry about getting ‘too bulky’ by lifting weights.


41:15-How much do you focus on eating clean? And a reference to “What the Health?” (Andy almost dies)


43:06-What is your favorite cheat meal?


44:30-What is your most influential purchase for under $100?

    -Good grips (gymnastics grips)

    -Having a good solid jump rope


44:45-Tips for taking care of your hands?


48:33-Shout out to the Granite Games (Ep. w/ John Swanson)


49:42-In your area of expertise how would you take something that is complicated and make it simple?

    -Managing time and planning ahead with different priorities.


52:09-Book recommendations.

    -Bill O’Reilly Books

    -Historical Non-Fiction


53:16-If you could go back and give yourself some advice going from high school to college, what would it be?

    -Nutrition is really important.

    -Mobility is also very important, like a lot.


56:25-Where can people find you?

    Twitter: Nope

    Instagram: kellywild8

    Team Instagram: TeamTimberwolf

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