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Ep. 57: Dr. Guys-Kefir and A2 Milk

We've learned so much in just a few of our interactions with Dr. Guy from Organic Valley.  In this episode we reached out to him to learn what we could about A2 milk.  Kyle has known some things about it, Joel was clueless.  We got the full low down on A2 milk and how it compares to other types of milk and dairy products.

While we were there we also got a lesson on Kefir.  We had both heard about it before but didn't understand what it really was all about and what goes into it.  Dr. Guy demonstrated how to make Kefir at home (it really is pretty simple) and how he does it on a daily basis when it comes to adding this extra probiotic rich food to your diet.  Well worth checking out. 

Wellness Insight: Making Kefir w/ Dr. Guy



Show Notes:


Episode Highlights:

>An introduction to A2 milk and how it differs and what the future holds for it.

>Making Kefir and the benefits of it.

>The state of dairy and where Organic Valley is going.

Ep. 57: Dr. Guy-A2 Milk and Kefir


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1:44-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:28-Welcome to this episode with Dr. Guy, round 3 (round 2 still needs to come out).

    Episode 1: Dr. Guy-Organic (Valley) Vet


3:07-Discussing the difference between A1 and A2 milk and what that actually means.


4:14-The decline in dairy consumption, especially when it comes to milk and skim milk in particular.  (Cheese is doing well and butter is back).


6:30-ARTICLE: Why is it necessary to eat animals?

-A very well written article on eating meat and what that actually means in a much bigger picture.


10:20-Breaking down the sugars that are present in milk, specifically lactose and how your body breaks that down.


11:50-Whole Milk: 5% Sugar, 4% Fat, 3% Protein, 1% Minerals


13:55-Proteins in milk, especially casein, that comes in two forms, A1 and A2 (thought to be mutation to A2 to A1 for some reason).


16:08-Currently most milk on the shelves is a mix of A1 and A2 but there isn’t documentation on what the proportion is.


19:30-Moving A2 milk into more research and what it means for the future of consumption.


24:00-How does the evolution of selling exclusively A2 milk?  Who checks it? How?


27:30-Book: Devil in the Milk


28:40-BCM7, opioid class, present in milk and could it be causing problems because it is pro-inflammatory?


31:30-Being able to eat a variety of diets is what has made it so humans have survived and thrived in their being.


32:35-The kefir story and probiotics.  Lactose getting fermented (might be good for those specific people)


35:15-Shifting from antibiotics to probiotics and even doing it proactively in the treatment in young calves.


38:48-The long ago back story of Kefirs origin...it is interesting to be sure.


40:45-You should definitely check out our Wellness Insight on Making Kefir to see the whole process.


43:15-Making Kefir every 8-12 hours.


47:22-Joel and Kyle get to try Kefir.  CHEERS!!!!


50:45-Shutting it down when you need to in order to not go too far into the fermenting process.


53:06-Dairy intolerant giving kefir a try and also using it in the treatment of intestinal issues.


59:04-The probiotics in Kefir and helping in your general digestion.


1:03.35-Highlighting the ‘Grass Milk’ product.


Book Recommendations

1:04.30-Deepak Chopra: How to Know God


1:06.05-We get hooked up with some milk to get started making Kefir (went well for Kyle, not so much for Joel)


1:06.28-Let the Credits Roll.