Ep. 52: Kat Soper-Palm + Pine Evolution

Kat Soper is the owner and operator of Palm + Pine Yoga.  Last time we talked to Kat she was working on developing retreats to work on mindfulness and self.  Since that time Kat has opened up her own Palm + Pine location and is work on a potential second one.  Along with the new studio and increasing the offerings of Palm + Pine Kat has been working with a great group of people on developing a yoga training curriculum due out later this year.

And if that didn't see like enough to keep her going in the middle of all of this Kat had a new addition to the family.  It was a great time catching up with Kat and discussing what she has learned in the process of all these changes in her life and how that has helped her grow and advance in not only her practice but career and life as well.



Show Notes:


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