Ep. 35: Kaizen Strength



Jake and Nikki cover it all when it comes to strength & conditioning and they cover it from all sides.  Their focus is on training a lot of populations and adapting what they do to who they are working with.  They don't just focus on the physical.  They take into account the mental, emotional and social aspects of their athletes and making them improve everywhere in their life.

They also take performance uno the worlds of CrossFit through CrossFit UDX and beyond.  There is a lot of information on looking at different aspects of training and not just keeping it to the programs.  Great episode with a ton of insight and information.


-CP Pod Squad

Show Notes:

0:00-Episode Introduction


0:53-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:31-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed ft. Jake Dorshorst and Nikki Ryan and “things they do well”


2:14-Meet Nikki Ryan.


4:09-Working in CrossFit UDX and working with adolescent athletes.


4:59-Building good movers early in their life and how much that benefits them later in life.


5:43-Shout out to B!rthF!t


6:02-Meet Jake Dorshorst


7:58-Training under Luke Borreggine-Australian Weightlifting Coach


9:42-UWL Weightlifting Club


11:42-Where does the background come from with the mental side of training.


13:48-”How’s your mental health?”


16:30-Kyle feeling beat down after a podcast day.


17:35-What is Kaizen Strength and what sets you apart?


19:40-Establishing a strength and conditioning program in a community.


20:46-LINK: Ep. 30:  Harrison Pollack


20:52-The Long Term Athlete Development Model


23:48-Knowing where you part is played as a coach in the big spectrum.


26:28-Training and sports must be a team effort between professionals.


27:37-Is there really sport specific strength conditioning?  How can be better explain it?


30:20-What influences have you all used to build Kaizen Strength?


32:43-What are the best doing and how can we utilize that?


34:15-Teaching the kids how to do it with their instruction and then make them teach other.


35:02-What is in the name Kaizen Strength?


36:14-PR your attitude towards how you react if you failed.


BOOK: Grit-Angela Duckworth


39:52-The power of positive reinforcement.


41:50-Do you follow any specific people to see how they are doing things and use that?

    Nikki-Not so much.


        -Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei)

        -West Side Barbell

        -Muscle & Fitness



        -Travis Mash

        -Iron Game Chalk Talk-Ron McKeefery


46:04-Have your BS meter on.


47:44-Always ask ‘why?’ and have a purpose.


49:48-What are some common mistakes you see in fitness/sports performance?


54:08-Don’t hate on fruit so much.  It takes a lot of bananas to be “bad”.


55:24-Back to common faults after many tangents.


58:40-Don’t just participate.  Be about it.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


59:45-What is something you believe (or a small group-Alex Earl) that others may not?

    Nikki-Looking at the person as a whole.

    Jake-How you do anything is how you do everything.


1.07:15-Getting your first win of the day...making your bed.


1.08:40-Top 3 take home tips.


  1. Try to read or listen to something that you completely disagree with and figure out how they got there.

  2. Make a change this week that you can maintain.  Keep it simple.

  3. Listen more than you speak.  And, teach more than you just preach at someone.


1.11:19-Most influential purchase for under $100?

    Jake: ‘The Daily Stoic’a

     Nikki: Notebooks, ‘Love and Respect’, ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind


1.15:40-Book Recommendations

    Jake-’Super Training’ & ‘Weightlifting Encyclopedia


1.18:02-In your area of expertise, how would you make the complicated, simple?

    Nikki-Back to the top 3 tips.

    Jake-Don’t stray to far from simple. BOOK-’Starting Strength


1.21:31-How do you keep things exciting and out of the monotony?


1.24:15-If you could go back and tell yourself something, what would it be?

Nikki-Lift more, run less.  Be nice to her mom more.  Relax.

Jake-Surround yourself with better people.


1.26:28-Where can people find you?

    Instagram: Kaizen Strength LLC

    Facebook: Kaizen Strength

    CrossFit UDX

    La Crosse Wellness Center


    Shout out to Square Space and Wix (for CP!)

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