Ep. 19: Journey Active

Journey Active is a new type of health and fitness business in the La Crosse area and their story is very unique.  We got the chance to talk to the husband and wife founders Kevin and Devan Weis before they opened their doors on October 31st.  

It is a very interesting concept and breaks the mold when you compare it to most gyms or fitness centers that you think of and they focus on more than just getting you to get strong and lose weight (which happen in the process).  These two are very impressive and we can't wait to see where they go and follow up with an episode later.  Enjoy.

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Show Notes:


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0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:38-Welcome to this Episode of Clinically Pressed with our guest Kevin and Devan Weis of Journey Active


1:05: How did Journey Active get started?


2:21-How long has the idea been in the works to get started?


3:40-Need more things falling into CPs lap.


3:58-How did the philosophy of what your gym will do get created and started?


4:35-The ‘MAP’ Structure.


5:40-Move well first and then move lots.


5:58-How do your class options work? Is there open gym time?


10:11-As humans we long for relationships and want to be in groups.


10:28-What’s with the name Journey Active?


14:30-What is your purpose?  Are you driven to it?


15:50-What are some of the biggest mistakes, misleading things you see in the health industry?


17:17-Myth 1: The scale doesn’t lie.


19:02-Myth 2: Strength training for women is going to make them ‘huge’.


22:00-The problem with following just general scale and BMI and ‘skinny fat’.


22:37-Access to equipment to determine body comp and not just the scale.


24:50-Preventative medicine and getting ahead of things before they become a problem.


26:30-Looking at taking care of your body like you would maintaining your car.


27:50-Looking at your long term health like you would your long term financial success.


29:22-A kettlebell demonstration and how cardio doesn’t have to be just running/biking/etc.


32:30-The mode of exercise isn’t always that important.  It is the physiologic effect that it has on your body that make the difference.  Mode is just that a mode of getting it done.


34:40-If there is something in fitness/working you don’t like, don’t do it.  There are other options.


36:20-With everything based around kettlebells do you offer different types of classes? Or how does your whole structure work?


39:45-The importance of asking questions and being ok with getting that help to get the most out of things.


40:30-Flashbacks to CPs experience at Root Down Yoga and doing hot yoga for the first time.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

40:53-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Supplementation is key and beneficial for everyone.

    -Supplementation is exactly what is says it is.  (TAT Article: The Story with Supplementation)


43:14-Top 3 take home tips/recommendations for people.

    -Assess where you are at.

    -Decide if you like it or not.

    -Figure out what you’re going to do about it.


44:40-Most influential fitness purchase for under $100?

    -Kettlebell (not super surprising on this one)


45:30-Book Recommendations

    Kevin-’Think and Grow Rich’-Napoleon Hill

    Devan-’Simple & Sinister’-Pavel of StrongFirst

        Podcast: Andy Andrews-In the Loop


48:56-If you could go back 10 years and give yourself advice, what would you say?

    Devan-Don’t take everything at face value.

    Kevin-Find a passion and continue to work towards it and spend your time with it.


51:45-Anything you want to plug?

    Check them out: Journey Active   Location:

    FB: Journey Active

    Twitter: @journey_active

    Instagram: @journey.active


    -Total Athletic Therapy

    -UWL Human Performance Lab

    -Three Sixty Real Estate

    -Citizens State Bank

    -Center of Chiropractic Care

    -StrongFirst (kettlebells)

    -ACE (American Council on Exercise)


54:24-Let the credits roll & CP Outro




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