Ep. 51: Jordan Rudolph-Part II

Jordan Rudolph is the owner and operator of Unity Fitness, a gym in La Crosse, WI.  Jordan does an incredible job in building his members up and doing it with more than just a couple hard workouts.  Jordan has a mastermind team that he works with and takes all that information and applies it to maximizing people's lives.  

In our first episode with Jordan we talked all things Unity Fitness but didn't get a chance to dive deep into the behind the scenes ideas, research and implementation.  In this episode we focus on that where we discuss different diets and how Jordan works with his members to help them accomplish their goals with nutrition and performance.  Great insight on training and how to help people find what works for them and still get their results.  Check it out.



Show Notes:

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1:30-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed at Java Vino and Jordan Rudolph. But first….the ‘Vertical Diet’


3:21-The Carnivore Diet and “are you eat what you eat, eats?”


5:24-Looking at what the most quality supplements seem to be somehow from meat.


5:56-How does a guy who runs his own gym address all the questions about what is the newest and latest thing?


7:14-’Are you ready for the next thing/diet?’ -Precision Nutrition


8:25-Simplicity can be your best friend when it comes to diet and nutrition.


The love of Pistachios


10:39-Focusing on one habit a week and mastering that so it becomes just part of the routine.


14:50-Approaching what each individual needs and how they best respond and learn best.


18:00-Eating a lot of food vs. Eating a lot of calories.


19:28-When Andy found out he was under-eating even when he thought he was putting enough in.


24:54-Making sure the information that you are sharing is being understood and retained.


29:12-Losing weight isn’t always complicated, but it can be extremely tedious.


30:00-Measuring body fat and can you lose 4% body fat in a week or two weeks?


33:18-More hydration equal less body fat with bioelectrical impedance.


37:48-No matter what tool you are using, consistency in your testing is key.


39:25-Visual body fat guess vs. BodPod.  AJ is up for the challenge.


39:56-Skinfold Calipers, 7 points system, Jackson and Pollack


40:56-Big changes at Unity Fitness coming?


43:32-How have you handled the growth of Unity?  How has that affected the dynamic of your members?


48:18-Becoming people’s ‘third place’.


49:26-Shout out to Iron Physique Gym, MadTown Fitness and Blue Wave Fitness (Fort Worth)


55:31-The stress cycle of crap.


Edited Clinically Pressed Questions

56:44-Book Recommendations

    -Game of Thrones Series

    -Chasing Excellence: Ben Burgeron

    LINK: Ep. 42: Tori Dyson


57:57-In your world of Unity Fitness, how would take something that is complicated and make it simple?

    -Master the basics and focusing on the not sexy stuff.


Website: Unity Fitness

Instagram: Unity Fitness La Crosse

Facebook: Unity Fitness


59:54-Let the credits roll and Kyle with the outro.

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