We will keep this short since our promotional video covers it all, but the long and short of it is that the three of us started getting together every Wednesday morning to drink coffee, take a break and figure out how we were going to make an impact (and how we could work together to do so).  We called it 'Solving the World's Problems Coffee Hour'.  We chatted about all kinds of ideas: research, new workouts, combining things, and crazy ideas we heard on podcasts.

Then it dawned on us.  We should start a podcast.  


Yep, that is how we thought we might be able to make a dent into the worlds problems (it all starts with a dent, right?)  So here we are now.  Several months of planning, brainstorming and politely asking Kyle's friend Justin (the awesome AV guy) if he could help us out.


So what it's all about is that Clinically Pressed is going to be a traveling podcast and we will be recording on location.  We are going to interview experts around the country from all health/nutrition/performance professions as well as include round table discussions covering major topics and questions.  Our goal is to provide as much information as we can that is useful to viewers/listeners, and do it all at no cost.


We want to make the complicated simple and make it something you can apply to your life.  We hope you enjoy!


-CP Crew

Andrew Jagim PhD

Exercise Physiologist

Sports Nutritionist



Andrew "AJ" isn't a 'real' doctor but he is a exercise physiologist and a fantastic researcher at UW-La Crosse.  Along with that he has his CSCS and is a certified sports nutritionist.  He focuses his research on both nutrition and supplement intervention along with workout program implementation.  


Kyle Boland DC


Movement & Wellness Specialist


Kyle also not a 'real' doctor but a great chiropractor that looks at the whole picture.  He isn't just a guy to adjust you.  He focuses on functional movement and soft tissue dysfunction as well as how your spine and hips are moving.  He also focuses on breathing techniques and nutritional strategies for overall health.

Joel Luedke MSe, ATC

Athletic Trainer

Sports Performance



Joel isn't a doctor of any sort.  He is a certified athletic trainer that has his major interesting in movement and performance. He focuses on self-care and helping people realize they can fix themselves.