Ep. 59: Sean Gallagher-Hockey Training


Dr. Sean Gallagher is a former high level hockey player that has turned into a hockey training and treatment guru.  His experience of playing at the highest levels along with a full academic career in chiropractic school have brought him a unique perspective on how to approach training hockey players.

This episode we get further into hockey training and what all goes into it. The planning for the year of training is difficult when it the playing season never ends.  We also dive into the specific demands that the sport places on the body and the unique ways that you have to approach exercises without forgetting to focus on injury prevention and resilience.  If you play hockey at any level you want to listen to this episode.


Show Notes:

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2:11-Welcome to this episode with Dr. Sean Gallagher, round 2.

    Episode 38: Dr. Sean Gallagher


3:08-Combining clinical aspect of care along with the performance training side.


4:45: Rehab and performance occurring on a spectrum.


8:15-Not relying specifically on ‘traditional’ orthopedic rehab but looking at implement training principles.


9:28-Using graded exposure in the rehab process to move onto functional/performance based training.


11:58-It’s hard to transfer a lot of things in the weight room and training that goes to hockey.


13:53-Looking at small things in ‘classic’ exercises like the lunge and what their shin angle is.


15:05-Posterior chain deficiencies can basically be assumed.


18:29-At some point with these things you have to let the person figure it out.


20:25-Integration of all ‘types’ of training within a total program.


25:10-”Efficiency will drive strength.” and “Speed will drive strength, strength doesn’t always drive speed.”


32:36-Kirocore Vest to focus on oblique movements and reducing ‘energy leaks”.


37:02-”The most specific things these kids will do is on ice.”


39:04-Managing asymmetries so where they are beneficial without becoming ‘clinical’ and becoming a problem.  They are also your strengths in your sports.


40:55-Focusing on trying to have people walk away from a training session that is in season feeling better than when they came into the session.  THis allows them to stay fresh and not sore.


43:48-”The Green Biscuit”


49:45-Talking annual plan and how that fits into the way you have to look at hockey training.


The Clinically Pressed Questions:


54:10-Book recommendations.

    -STUDY: C-Spine Disc Anatomy. How  that applies to McKenzie and disc management.

    -PODCAST: Joe Rogan Podcast, ft. Rhonda Patrick, Chris Kresser.

    -Stuart McGill (“The Gift of Injury”)


1.00:45-In your area of expertise, training hockey players, how would you take something that is complicated and make it simple?

-Change takes time and a period of inputs.  Be patient but in the end, you have to put in the work.


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    IG: @GallagherPerformance



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