Ep. 16: John Swanson-The Granite Games

John Swanson is a busy man.  Not only does he own his own gym at CrossFit Fast Factory but he is also the creator and CEO of the Granite Games.  In this episode we get a full run down of how the Games got started and why he believes it has grown to what it has over the years.  To give you an idea it started at 49 athletes and has grown to over 13,000+ with registration closing filling up in under 5 seconds.  This requires so much to bring together and set up for some incredible performances.  

John tells us all about how much effort he has to put into the games and how it goes from year to year.  It is a fascinating story and one hell of an event and this episode gives an amazing inside look at how it all comes together.  Check it out.


-CP Pod Squad



Show Notes:

0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:40-Welcome to John Swanson, CEO of the Granite Games (and our first time on Google Hangout)


1:13-After 6 years the setup and preparation has gone much smoother.


1:47-What’s the origin story of The Granite Games?


3:44-Bringing in Reebok and Rogue and having registration soar so much that it crashed.


5:52-Does this take all year to plan and prepare for?  And the post Granite Games lull.


7:30-How many people does it take to get this thing going?


8:39-Sorry for the audio difficulty: “Must be cool to have everyone be so passionate about it and watching it all play out”


9:59-Who is the mastermind behind all the workouts?


11:08-Every year has a different theme for the Granite Games.


12:09-The atlas stone sand bag (VIDEO)


14:00-How have you seen growth with your gym along with the Granite Games?


15:02-2016 Registration filling up in under 5 seconds.


15:50- “I don’t want it to be about the best, I want it to be about the community.”


17:42-Is the St. Cloud State receptive to hosting this event?


18:50-How the Granite Games has impacted the University and also the area of St. Cloud.


20:10-How closely does the Granite Games work with the CrossFit Games?


21:39-Where do you see the Games going in the future?


23:01-The Clinically Pressed Questions


23:03-If you could go back and call yourself when you were starting the games what advice would you give yourself?

    -The storm is going to be worth it.

    -2014 and being completely broken.

    -And an UNTOLD story.


27:22-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Big conspiracy guy

-Firmly believe that no matter who you are if you go and say you’re going to do something you have everything you need to do so.


29:02-Book Recommendations

    -’Talent is Overrated

    -’Good to Great


    -’David and Goliath’ or anything Malcolm Gladwell


30:20-What is your most influential purchase for under $100? Fitness or otherwise.

    -A book or a conference to enhance yourself.

    -AED (even though it isn’t under $100, more like priceless)


34:30-What do you do with all the equipment after the event?  Rogue plays an important role.


35:31-In closing what do you want to plug and where can people find you?

    -Site: Granite Games


36:10-Let the credits roll.


36:24-CP Outro

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