Clinically Pressed 

Functional Movement Series

*We wanted to acknowledge that these exercises are influenced by the philosophies and teachings of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).  For more on what they do please visit

Supine Rocking Side to Side

This exercise allows you to work on keep a good stable core along with very solid intra-abdominal pressure.  Adding the rocking side to side brings more challenge to this exercise.

Quadruped Crawl

It may just look like crawling like a baby and it is, but when you do it 'correctly' it is harder than you think.  Working on getting everything to be stable or work correctly is harder than you think and give it a try with this one.

Quadruped Rocking

The movement itself looks pretty easy, doing it while keeping everything neutral and in good position...another question.  This movement not only works on your core stability but it also works on motion in your hips and shoulders.  Give it a try.

Oblique Sit

Don't let looks deceive you, this one is way harder than it looks.  You will most likely feel muscles in your glute area work that you didn't even know that you had. This exercise is applicable to anything that needs external glute strength.

Oblique Squat Rotation

Try this before you try the sit to stand oblique squat and test your stability along with your motion in your hips.  It isn't a lot of movement but challenges you in more than one plane of motion that automatically increases the intensity.

Low Oblique Sit Shoulder Exercise

We consider this to be one of the best bang for your buck shoulder exercises out there.  Strengthen all of the posterior shoulder while helping your body untangle trigger points on the anterior side.  We highly recommend trying this one prior to any major operation.


The start of the bear series looks simple and why it should be it can still be a great challenge to the 'core'.  If you can master everything on your back this is a great progression to help incorporate your entire body and get it to work together.

Bear Crawl

A great transition exercise for basic bear position to working towards walking.  Trying to maintain stability throughout your spine and keep movement to a minimum is the goal, much easier said than done.

Resistance Band Serrates Activation

This position allows you to get a huge activation of your serratus anterior and the posterior musculature of the shoulder.  Give this one a try if you've had shoulder pain or weakness.

Prone Three (3) Months

Neck pain is very common and it can be due to a lot of factors such as being stuck in a desk all day or the dreaded 'text neck'.  If you feel like you have head forward posture this is a great exercise to start correcting that issue.

Quadruped Rocking Elevated

This takes the basics of quadruped rocking and adds the elevation to it.  While this will not only make the rocking more difficult it will also work to help with overhead movements.

Oblique Sit to High Kneeling

A progression up from the oblique sit this exercise will challenge all of the strength and control in your glute as you move from completely seating to high kneeling.  A great transition and help in getting stronger hips.

Oblique Squat Sit to Stand

A variation of the squat that forces putting rotation through your hips.  Doing all this while maintaining your balance and stability is very challenging.  Give it a try and see how well you can maintain.

Low Oblique Sit to Sidelying Shoulder Exercise

Taking what we believe to be the ultimate shoulder exercise and moving it on to the next level.  This exercise will really fire up your shoulder and challenge you like few other exercises can.

Bear Extremity Lift

A great transition exercise for basic bear position to working towards walking.  Trying to maintain stability throughout your spine and keep movement to a minimum is the goal, much easier said than done.

Bear Rotation Sit

When you get basic bear down add some rotation and stability to it both through your hips and shoulders.  Work through this slow and control and feel everything turn on and start to burn.

These exercise are not only ones that will help with Clinical issues but can also help improve Performance by giving you better body control as well as transferring force throughout your body.  Give them a try.