Ep. 67: Dr. Shernan Holtan-Frail to Fit

Dr. Shernan Holtan is a hematologist and oncologist at the University of Minnesota medical center. Dr. Holtan is taking a new approach to the care and rehabilitation to patients that are recovering from cancer treatment. In a pilot study, "Frail to Fit", the results showed how beneficial a targeted program can be to help people regain control in their life and get back to what they want to do.

Not only does Dr. Holtan use exercise on a research and patient basis she has found her passion and calling with powerlifting and is competition to continue to push herself in her own fitness. This is a great episode highlighting the power of exercise. Check it out.




Show Notes:

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1:29-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com 


2:05-Welcome Dr. Shernan Holtan to the podcast and special guest host, CP Ambassador Eric Twohey.


2:42-Shout out to Barbell Medicine and their forum for connecting Dr. Holtan and Eric.


3:13-What is oncology and hematologist doing on this podcast?


4:25-Giving a patient an entire new immune system.


7:36-The role of rehab and therapy in cancer treatment.


12:15-Seeing people in intermediate stages of recovery and even ‘graduating’ from treatment.


13:50-Only about 20% get to the full graduation phase.


17:50-The importance of having a team in order to get the best LONG-TERM outcomes for the patient.


20:00-How Dr. Holtan’s own health journey put her on the road to where she is going with her research.


23:45-The fun world of writing grants and finding Marrow on the Move.


28:30-Results of the initial pilot study of Frail to Fit.


31:30-Showing the importance of needing a full team in the treatment of these patients once they can get out of in-patient.


32:25-Shout out to Dom D’Agastino for ketogenic diet and cancer.


37:45-Looking at medical related personal training and all the other avenues where you can have a huge effect on people’s outcomes and quality of life (not just physique).


43:35-Part two of Frail to Fit will focus on more lower body strength.


45:45-Most people’s lives don’t change if they add five pounds to their squat. But, if you can take someone who can’t get out of a chair on their own to being able to move around, that can be life changing.


49:25-Having the ability to take a look at different populations and focus on what they need and setting a program up for them.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

53:10-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -A doctor CAN be good at both patient care and research. It’s too hard to be 50/50.


55:35-Most influential fitness purchase for $100 or less?

    -First pair of squat shoes (game changer): Inov-8


58:50-Book Recommendations

    -Check out Dr. Shernan Holtan on PubMed


    -Why We Get Fat-Gary Taubs

    -Harry Potter series

    -How Steve Became Ralph

    -Your Story is Your Medicine


1.01:35-In your area of expertise, what is something you do that is complicated, that you can make simple?

    -We need to help streamline research while still keeping it safe.


1.03:20-If you could go back and tell yourself in your training/education, 5-10 years, what would you tell yourself?

    -Stay your course.


If people want to connect:

    Twitter: @sghmd

    PubMed: Dr. Shernan Holtan


1.07:28: And let the credits roll.


1.07:43-Kyle with the outro.


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