Obviously foot is the backbone of what most everyone does when it comes to nutrition and health. If it isn't, it should be up there for consideration. On this page of episodes you can find different view points on food and where it comes from, where it is produced and the importance some of those seemingly little things have when it comes to your life.

Ep. 23: Dr. Guy Jordaski-Organic (Valley) Vet

You may wonder why this would be under the 'nutrition' label when we are talking to a veterinarian but it will become very obvious as you get into the episode. We had the privilege of talking to Dr. Guy Jodarski of Organic Valley. We cover so much information about nutrition in this episode. We talk organic vs. conventional, grass fed vs. not, all the way down to the soil.

If you have ever thought about organic but couldn't make up your mind for multiple reasons we suggest you check this one out because the information is great and back by science. We very much enjoyed the time with Dr. Guy and hope you enjoy the episode.


-CP Crew

Ep. 57: Dr. Guy-Kefir and A1 Milk

We've learned so much in just a few or our interactions with Dr. Guy from Organic Valley. In this episode we reached out to him to learn what we could about A2 milk. Kyle has known some thing about it, Joel was clueless. We got the full low down on A2 milk and how it compares to other types of milk and dairy products.

While we were there we also got a lesson on Kefir. We had both heard about it before but didn't understand what it really was all about and what goes into it. Dr. Guy demonstrated how to make refit at home (it really is pretty simple) and how he does it on a daily basis when it comes to adding this extra probiotic rich food to your diet.

-CP Crew

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