Ep. 32: Fitness Lying Down

Fitness Lying Down takes a very unique approach to improving your overall fitness and they make it fun at the same time.  The focus of FLD is movement first.  Gone are a lot of the traditional movements with barbells and dumbbells (you won't find them in their facility) and those are replaced with bands, kettle bells and most importantly, the ultimate sand bag.

Anthony and Cory have spent a lot of time thinking about what they wanted to accomplish with FLD and it shows and is highly effective.  Not only will they get you moving better and mastering movements, they will get you in shape and have a great time while you are doing it.  Check out some of the great information they have to share.

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Show Notes:


0:00-Introduction to this episode with Anthony and Cory of Fitness Lying Down


0:19-Shout out to ‘Pearl St. Brewery


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0:49-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:26-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed in the old La Crosse Footwear building with Anthony Dix and Cory Cripe.


2:05-Some background information on Anthony and Cory


2:42-Dynamic Variable Resistance Training & the Ultimate Sandbags.


3:48-Meeting at a Perform Better Summit in Chicago and the start of the relationship that became Fitness Lying Down.


6:35-How the fitness world and academic world are behind in truly training in a functional way.


7:00-Shout out to Kyle Rogers and the ‘vlog’.


8:16-The ‘Ultimate Sandbag’ goes where barbells can’t.


10:08-What is ‘Fitness Lying Down’?


12:45-Following ‘The Biggest Loser’ for newest fitness equipment at Cory’s previous job?


14:55-Breaking the thought of ‘Fitness Lying Down’ potentially being an ‘adult website’.


15:56-As we typically do, mention Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).


18:33-Doing more than making people tired and really making people get better at movement patterns.


21:00-FLD being more about patterns than they are about muscles.


22:22-How does the programming and progressions work at FLD?


25:10-Grooving patterns but still giving them variability and earning your progressions.


28:32-Utilizing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in the training.


31:25-Not being confined to the gym but using what you are learning in the gym and applying it to all kinds of activities in your daily life.


35:55-Biggest influencers:

    -Gray Cook

    -Lee Burton


36:41-”If you’re not assessing you’re guessing”.


38:52-”Think with your whole body and move with your whole mind”. MoveNat.


40:35-Finding what works best for you and what your fitness goals are.  There isn’t just one way.


41:38-Gary Gray and working tri-planar ranges of motion.


43:33-Biggest mistakes you’ve seen in fitness and nutrition. Addressing knowledge vs. application.


47:48-Looking at strategy vs. tactics and finding successes.


50:02-Linking back to Gary Reinl-The Anti-Ice guy.


The Clinically Pressed Questions

51:57: What is something you believe that others may not.

    Anthony: Destiny’s Child is better than Beyonce solo.

    Cory: Think outside the box with fitness


54:30-Take home tips to send on to the audience.


  1. Sleep, get your rest.

  2. Eat slower.

  3. Don’t wear shoes so much.


  1. Put a pull up bar in your house.

  2. Play more sports.

  3. Make life more manual.

59:51-Most influential purchase for under $100.

    Cory: The Ultimate Sandbag

    Anthony: Super/Monster Bands


1.01:58-Book Recommendations


        Extreme Ownership-Jocko Willink

        Smarter, Faster, Better

        The Checklist Manifesto (Recommended by Joel)


        Resisting Happiness


1.06:44-In your area of expertise how do you make the complicated simple?

    -Giving good cues to help people understand what you are looking for.


1.08:49-If you could go back 10-15 years and tell yourself something what would it be?

    Cory-Squatting on a physioball is not functional.

    Anthony-You can’t control what people do to you but you can control how you respond.


1.10:50-Where can people find you?

    Facebook: Fitness Lying Down

        -Ask Anthony

        -Coffee and kettlebells

    Website: www.fitnesslyingdown.com


1.12:17-Let the credits roll.


1.12:33-Kyle with the closing.


1.13:17-Some extra footage.

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