Fitness comes in many forms and there are many ways to accomplish your goals. This can be whether you are looking to increase your overall ability or you are training for an event or a race. These guests give some unique insight into ways you can increase your ability and achieve your goals.

Ep. 6: Monkey Bar Gym-Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds has done a little bit of everything.  He has a 47 inch vertical, his dad invented the beaded jump rope and training with tubing, he worked with the LA Clippers and now owns Monkey Bar Gym.  They take a simple approach to fitness and peformance but it is also highly effective.  We talk everything fitness, nutrition and how to get the most of our your training and life.  It was a great conversation and one that is worth checking out for a different view point.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew


Ep. 27: Jordan Rudolph-Unity Fitness

Unity Fitness is a La Crosse, WI based gym but their ideas and processes can extend to everyone.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with founder and head coach Jordan Rudolph to talk not only about Unity Fitness and the success they have had building a wholistic program of their members but the world of health and fitness as a whole.

Jordan is constantly on the go and striving to improve not only the gym and the members experience but himself and what he can deliver.  There is so much good information in this episode it was hard to stop it and we can wait for the second round.  Enjoy this episode and be sure to take something out of it.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 39: Michael Borst-Run Borst Run

Michael Borst is the definition of going the distance.  Michael as an extremely talented up and coming physical therapy/athletic trainer as well as an ultra-distance runner.  Whatever Michael does he excels at and we cover all of this topics in this episode.


We discuss how Michael transitioned into ultra-distance running and races and why they seem to call to him.  We also get into how Michael keeps his performance at top level with the knowledge he has gained both in his academic career as well as his own continued learning.  Along with all of this we discuss going from a ‘traditional’ diet to ketogenic in order to optimize performance.  If you’re into running this is a must watch.


Ep. 47: Running Recovery Tips

We had the distinct honor of teaming up with Coulee Health and O'Brien Physical Therapy to help out at the Grandad's Half Marathon in La Crosse, WI.  During our time providing post race soft tissue treatments we seemed to have a lot of reoccurring themes that we would talk about with all of the runners.  Well since we were there we figured why not create a short episode and lay down some ideas to help aide in recovery. 

Without getting to far into the details in this episode we do outline a lot of the 'simple' things we think you can implement into your recovery strategy to get ready for the next race or just get back and get ready for your next round of training.  Check them out and see what you can apply to your recovery strategy.


Ep. 49: DVRT-The Ultimate Sandbag

DVRT (dynamic variable resistance training) is a systems based on training and stressing your body through all the planes of motion.  It introduces implements and movements that will challenge not just your stability but also your mobility through all your joints.  The implement most commonly used is the ultimate sand bag that has almost endless options to get creative with your training.

We stood up with Cory Cripe who is a Master DVRT Trainer and owner of Fitness Lying Down in La Crosse, WI and he gave us a full run down of the DVRT system.  We talk about all the applications of the system and how it can be helpful from eliminating pain, to getting strong and even increasing performance.  If you have ever been curious about training with sandbags you'll want to hear this.


Ep. 51: Jordan Rudolph-Part II

Jordan Rudolph is the owner and operator of Unity Fitness, a gym in La Crosse, WI.  Jordan does an incredible job in building his members up and doing it with more than just a couple hard workouts.  Jordan has a mastermind team that he works with and takes all that information and applies it to maximizing people's lives.  

In our first episode with Jordan we talked all things Unity Fitness but didn't get a chance to dive deep into the behind the scenes ideas, research and implementation.  In this episode we focus on that where we discuss different diets and how Jordan works with his members to help them accomplish their goals with nutrition and performance.  Great insight on training and how to help people find what works for them and still get their results.  Check it out.