The Experts

This group of podcasts highlights experts in the world of nutrition and food. Experts include registered dietitians and nutritionists. Topics include eating, calories, dieting and ways of eating and everything in between. The people in this section of podcasts have put in some serious time and education into providing the information they do when it comes to food and nutrition. Get some great insight from these professionals.

Ep. 3: Sam Jorgenson-Nutrition & Wellness

Sam is a registered dietitian (RD) and a certified personal trainer at La Crosse Wellness Center.  He has done a little bit of everything plus spent a lot of time at EXOS Sports Performance, one of the leaders in the performance world.  He combines fitness and nutrition to make a highly effective plan for his clients.  He fills us in on all kinds of nutrition knowledge in this episode.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew

Ep. 46: How to Eat Like an Athlete

Fueling your body as a competitive athlete can be much harder than it looks. We often times see the biggest issue come up with under consuming and when it happens it tends to be by a lot. In this round table discussion we talk about the biggest issues we have seen with competitive athlete nutrition. How do you know how many calories to consume on a daily basis? Should it be a specific breakdown of macro-nutrients?

Dr. Jagim gives a full scale picture of what it takes to make sure you're at the top level of your nutrition to help with recovery and performance.


-CP Crew

Ep. 58: Corporate Nutrition-Jordan Murray

When we got to talk with Riverside Corporate Wellness they highly recommended that we talk with their dietitian, Jordan Murray.  

Jordan focuses on customizing nutrition plans based on the wants and needs of his clients.  We discuss how he juggles the latest trends in nutrition with sound practices and what he believes to be effective.

We also get into eating disorders and their prevalence.  We were surprised to hear how common they are in the ‘real world’ and the varying degrees to which they can manifest.  Jordan had so much great information and a lot of take aways from this episode.  Check it out.


-CP Crew

Ep. 68: Andrew Jagim PhD-Youth Sports Nutrition

Youth sports has taken front and center in the conversation of sports safety. Early specialization, endless hours of practice and how that can affect a growing body. Recovery is key for all athletes but especially for this group and nutrition plays a key role in not only helping fuel youth athletes but helping them recover and stay healthy.

We talk with Andrew Jagim PhD about some best practices that can be implemented when it comes to youth sports nutrition. Plenty of simple take aways to keep performance high and help enhance recovery.


-CP Crew #complicatedsimple

Ep. 76: Chris Lockwood PhD.-Innovate. Validate. Educate.

If you ever had questions on supplements, this is a great episode to listen to. This episode features Dr. Chris Lockwood who is interviewed by our very own Dr. A.J. Jagim. Both of these individuals are deep into the nutrition and supplement world and that comes out in so much detail in this episode.


Dr. Lockwood supports the R&D, technical communications, regulatory, brand management & business development needs of CPG brands & entrepreneurs, supply side & distributor-based businesses, private equity, legal firms, media and publishing companies, and research labs with business or research interests involving dietary supplements, sports nutrition, natural products, food and beverage, wellness, anti-aging, weight management or fitness. As we said, a lot of everything in the supplement world.


-CP Crew #complicatedsimple