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Ep. 11: Erica Boland-Changing the World (One Pelvic Floor at a Time)

Erica is a mother of four (boys) a doula and a chiropractor whos passion is to help women with anything related to birth.  She is the regional director for B!rthF!t and runs courses all over the Coulee Region.  She also happens to be the wife of our own Kyle Boland.  This episode covers all kinds of things from what she does with B!irthF!t and how her and Kyle manage everything that is their life and work.  This episode is filled will great information and some great resources on help that is available out there.  Enjoy

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Show Notes:


0:00-Welcome to this episode. And Kyle is right?


0:30-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:07-Welcome and let us introduce Erica Boland.


1:34-Everything Erica Boland and how she got where she is and where she wants to go.


2:09-Involvement with B!rthF!t


2:39-What is the official definition of a doula?


4:31-Having a child for Dummies (Book)


5:40-How does B!rthF!t tie in to everything?


6:11-DNS-Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (in Prague……)


7:17-The FitCast and Girls Gone Strong


7:50-”Changing the World...One Pelvic Floor at a Time”


11:35-No crunches or sit-ups….almost ever.


12:22-How do you fix diastasis rectus?


13:04-Kinesio taping across diastasis (Image)


15:32-Prepregnancy body vs. this is your new body and how to go about it all postpartum.


16:04-Queen In Training (Book)


18:46-Self test to see how your diastasis is coming along?


20:48-Check yourself before you wreck yourself (image)


21:40-Dry needling on the pelvic floor (AJ did not want to volunteer)  Here is when he had it done on his quad VIDEO


24:35-If you don’t fix the dysfunction it is going to manifest somewhere else.


26:56-Speaking in Vagina Village. (Patch Adams reference)


28:05-How is it owning your own Clinic and operating everything day to day?


32:35-How to make yourself obsolete and doing more than just the “quick fix”?


33:40-Rules to live and work by when in business with your significant other.


35:25-AJ and Joel get to be a part of the first date night out.


36:17-DNS-Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (and a credit to Kyle)


40:00-How to “roll over’ and teach your body to start moving again.  Roll over like a chicken on the rotisserie.


41:15-Sil’s in West Salem.


42:08-Baked Fish for Friday Food (a healthier option for Friday fish frys)


43:33-Working motor patterns and in what sequence they fire. ATHOS gear.


44:24-Anyone know how to measure intra-abdominal pressure?


46:00-Wim Hof breathing techniques and Tim Ferris’s episode with Josh Waitzkin


47:26-Force transfer and energy leaks without engagement of the core.


49:02-Pitcher lost his career after breaking his big toe.


49:45-Anatomy Trains (Book)


52:56-Move better and breath like baby.


53:14-What are your goals from here on out?


The Clinically Pressed Questions

55:47-What is something you believe in that other may not?

    -The information out there on the pelvic floor out there isn’t as good as it can be.


58:00-What purchase for under $100 have you found most influential?

    -A Resistance or Monster Band (Set of bands)


1:00.08-Take home tips or the ‘Twitter’ version that you would pass along

    -Never do sit-ups or crunches every again.


1:00.40-What would you tell yourself if you could go back 10 years in your training and education?

    -Don’t suck your stomach in to burn more calories.

    -Educate on birth and everything functional after that.

    -Smarter with finances when in undergrad.


1:03.10-You think you’re busy in college? You’re not busy, just wait until you’re busy.


Find Erica Online

    Coulee Health

    B!rthF!t Wisconsin


    Instagram: @emomdc

    Facebook: Coulee Health

    Facebook: BirthFit

    Facebookless Kyle


1:06.11-Thank you for checking out the show.