Ep. 45: EBP to Snake Oil and Everything in Between

The world seems to have to be polarized these days and you have to be on you extreme or the other in order to get noticed and grab attention.  That ranges from being completely based in the evidence to selling anything that could potential have an 'effect' (i.e. snake oil).  As a provider and/or consumer what should you do with this?  What should you believe?

In this episode we talk about what everything means when it comes to these areas and our thoughts on it.  We don't think it is a bad thing to have a continuum on this scale and potentially be a 'jack of all trades'.  We throw out some ideas and things you can use to make sure you don't get taken or end up not doing anything at all.



Show Notes:

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2:54-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


3:32-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and the first episode on our new audio setup.


4:10-Evidence based practice vs. social medical ‘snake oil’ sales and where everything fits and how it all works out.


5:05-What is the evidence based continuum?  EBP vs. Evidence influence practice.

    -Best evidence that is available.

    -Clinical expertise (not just experience)

    -Patient values (thoughts and beliefs)


6:55-The patient is at the center of the decision/role of their treatment plan.


7:49-Expertise vs. experience. What is the difference?


11:05-How far behind is ‘traditional’ research compared to what tools/techniques/treatments are working?  “Research advances one funeral at a time.”


13:45-You always have to look for a conflict of interest in funding and/or why someone is pushing something on you.


16:05-A reference to TJ Hackler, EPISODE HERE.


18:00-Find a practitioner or coach that isn’t afraid to refer you to someone that would suit you better for what you need.


20:35-When are case studies good?  Are they useful? It all comes in context.


23:20-The universe seems to have a way to bring you back to where you are if you don’t stop challenging yourself.


24:44-Where is your information coming from?


27:41-Buying bacon, like really good bacon, is almost impossible to find when you look for things that aren’t added to it.  Shout out to Natural Grocer in Rochester, MN.


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32:17-How do Kyle and Erica fit research into how they practice and learn?

    Shout out to B!rthF!t Wisconsin and B!rthF!t in general.


33:38-Shout out to DNS Prague School (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)

    -LINK: DNS Evidence Page


40:11-Can you work to contradict yourself and prove yourself wrong?  Are you honest with the results that you are finding?


42:03-How do you explain how things ‘work’ if it’s not found in evidence?


43:35-We may be getting a little loopy.


44:44-Where do trigger points occur?  In the brain or in the body?


45:55-And now its going to get real deep….please stay tuned.


50:07-Bottom line on the rant, going to extremes on any end doesn’t seem to completely make sense.


51:40-You have to have hard conversations but they have to be effective, not just combative.


52:45-Too dynamic of beings to have just one thing work.


53:00-Muse Headband and ‘the birds’ and dry needling the TL Junction


56:15-Can you make yourself think of nothing?


57:24-Potential episode, what is meditation.


Book Recommendations:

    -Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks by Ben Goldacre

    -How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff


59:34-Feedback on the headsets?


59:51-Shout out to Paragon Fitness & Nutrition, use code “CP15” for 15% off at checkout.

    Flame Off


1.00:40-Let the credits roll.


1.00:56-Joel with the outro.


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